A Cowboy’s Christmas Eve

Malloys of Montana, #2.5

R.C. Ryan

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Synopsis:  a-cowboys-christmas

Silent Night, Snowy Night . . . Colin Malloy enjoys spending Christmas with his family at the Malloy ranch. But this holiday, what he really wants to do is to get closer to the alluring Dr. Anita Cross. So when a blizzard conspires to keep her from joining the Malloy family’s festivities, neither snow, sleet, nor spun-out cars will prevent Colin from reaching her side. As the new doctor in town, Anita is wholeheartedly devoted to her patients. So when a little boy needs her on this snowy night, she doesn’t hesitate to care for him and send him home in time to spend Christmas with his family. An evening with a certain sexy cowboy will have to wait-or so she thinks. When a breathless Colin Malloy shows up at her clinic, Anita finds her cold, lonely night quickly heating up. And no crisis or well-meaning relative will stop them from making this a Christmas to remember . . . (Goodreads)


Colin is looking forward to spending Christmas Eve with his family.  This year even more than normal because he knows that

he will be able to see the new doctor in town, Anita.  He wants to get to know her better and spend some time with her.  When she gets held up at the clinic and is unable to attend the Christmas Eve festivities, Colin’s mother asks him if he will go to the clinic and bring her back.  He readily agrees and eventually makes it through the blizzard to retrieve her.  But as more patients make their way to the clinic for emergency treatment and the blizzard rages on, they both know they will not be leaving the clinic anytime soon.  But Christmas miracles can happen anywhere and the two of them are in for a Christmas Eve neither will forget.

The characters are well wounded and well developed.  Colin is a dependable hard working rancher who is willing to go the extra mile for those who are in need.  Anita is a hard working knowledgeable doctor who cares deeply for her patients.  When the two get to spend time together, they each like what they see in the other.  I enjoyed getting to know them and spending time with them.  I also liked spending time with Colin’s close-knit loving family.  

The author is very talented in her descriptive writing and while reading this novella, I felt like I was right in the middle of the blizzard.  She is also very talented in creating a heartwarming read about Christmas magic and miracles.  

I would recommend this novella to anyone who enjoys a well crafted women’s fiction.  It is a feel good story, and we can all use that from time to time.  Be sure to add it to your Christmas reading list and enjoy, I sure did.

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