A Cowboy for Christmas

Rocky Mountain Riders, Book #6

By Sara Richardson

ISBN: 9781538712290

Author Website: sararichardson.com

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When the beloved Farm Café in Topaz Falls burns to the ground, widow Darla Michaels comes up with the perfect plan to help her friends rebuild — a Cowboy Christmas Festival complete with a sexy bachelor auction and a benefit rodeo. But to pull it off, she has to pretend to be engaged to Ty Forrester, the irresistible bull rider who keeps testing her keep-things-casual policy.

A fake fiancée wasn’t on Ty’s Christmas list this year, but it’s the only way to get his family to visit over the holidays so his NFL-star brother can draw more tourists to the festival. The engagement wouldn’t be such a problem if Ty wasn’t starting to have real feelings for Darla. Knowing he can’t go on pretending, Ty prepares to tell his family the truth–but then he and Darla discover a precious little Christmas surprise that just might help them embrace a whole new life together.


Darla Michaels hasn’t been completely honest with her book club friends at Topaz Falls. Once a month Darla attends a support group for grieving spouses, to which she drives miles to get to and in disguise. But one unfortunate day, Darla is finally caught by handsome bull rider, Ty Forrester.

Ty Forrester knew there was some kind of mystery surrounding Darla, but he never imagined that she had once been married and was a widow. Certentally not after having several intimate encounters. Darla is not ready to let anyone fully into her life and heart, especially when her late husband’s 10 year anniversary in coming up soon and days before Christmas. 

“So buckle up, Buttercup. We’re about to get engaged.”

I loved this book, it’s the perfect ending for a great cowboy series! I started this series with book two, Comeback Cowboy, loved the romance and funny moments, but also felt empathy through the trials the characters went through and felt happy once they solved them and found their significant others. Throughout the series Darla was the mother figure of the book club girls that one could always go to, get delicious chocolate and wine, and get some good advice from. But the reader had no idea of the sorrow her heart felt.

This time it’s Darla’s turn to solve her trials and give the series a great ending. We not only learn about Darla, but we get to know more about Ty, a character always present since book three, yet a character we still had to know more about. Ty is considerate about Darla, how she feels and her past, which makes him a perfect match for her and the right person for her to give love a second chance.

And let us not forget about the great funny moments this book gave us! Who wouldn’t want to see the Cortez boys and all the other cowboys’ themed calendar? I think we need to start a petition for this calendar to be real.  

“Sure. I’ve got a wish. Please let the women in charge of this calendar come to their senses and let us wear actual clothes.”

Being the last book in the series, we also get glimpses of what the previous characters are up to and a couple funny moments. The ending was amazing. I won’t spoil it, just know that it is something to look forward to. The Rocky Mountain Riders series made me laugh and cry a couple of times. I loved each book and their couples. I still can’t decide which one is my favorite, but I can tell you my favorite quote: “Leave Pork Chop at home and wear jeans”. If you need a new cowboy series to read for the holidays, or just a good read, then I recommend you this one. If you’re already reading the Rocky Mountain Riders, then hurry up and catch up to A Cowboy for Christmas, you’re missing out on a fun book!

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*