Title: A Bella Flora Christmas

Series: Ten Beach Road

By:   Wendy Wax


Author’s Website: http://www.wendywax.com/

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The ladies of Ten Beach Road are home for the holidays in this brand-new novella.

Although their lives have changed since their first desperate renovation of Bella Flora, friends Madeline, Avery, and Nicole have always been there for each other. Now they’re returning to Bella Flora for Christmas—where Maddie’s daughter Kyra isn’t feeling particularly celebratory. 
Kyra was hoping for a peaceful holiday at Bella Flora—a last gathering before a wealthy, mystery tenant moves into the home she’s been forced to rent out. Instead, she must make a life altering decision by New Year’s — a decision that becomes even more difficult when unexpected guests arrive at Ten Beach Road on Christmas Eve. Now Kyra, Maddie, Avery and Nikki will need to pull together to secure Bella Flora’s future, as well as their own.



For a novella, I must say that I thought that A Bella Flora Christmas flowed WAY too slowly. I found that taking the whole book to come to an important parenting decision without much depth of analysis a bit disconcerting. I guess the decision making process was a wee bit muddled with the in-depth description of the cast of characters.  The descriptions were something that I was thankful for, as I came into the series at this juncture as opposed to book one. A mistake I plan to rectify in the future.

Kyra Singer will have to move out of her beloved home, Bella Flora, right after the holidays. In order to keep the property, she must rent out her home, to an unknown tenant for six months, with an option for an additional six months.  Additionally, Kyra must decide if her son, Dustin, can participate in Daniel’s (Dustin’s father) directorial film debut (with only a few days to decide). And of course, lets not forget the totally annoying and somewhat “wicked” stepmother Tonja. She definitely brought in a bit of colour to the story.

So far, so good…I am engaged and interested.  But then for some reason, my interest is lost and I just feel like Kyra is going around in circles trying to make decisions. All I could think about was…get on with it Kyra. As a single parent, she needs to make decisions much quicker!

One bright spot was the introduction of “Max” – the puppy present for Dustin delivered by his dad Daniel. The puppy was SO cute. Though I could sympathize with Kyra…how irresponsible of Daniel to provide a pet as a gift without consulting Kyra first.

I found the following particularly well written – when the author was describing the paparazzi, who were following Kyra as she drove Sydney to the airport:

They’re cunning in the way that wild animals are; in order to eat they must successfully stalk and fell their prey. They are the deer hunters in camouflage carrying powerful zoom lenses; we are Bambi.”

I still have faith in the writing of Wendy Wax, so I shall go back and start this series from book one, and hopefully it will all fall into place.  I have faith that if you have been reading this series from the beginning, that you will appreciate and enjoy this novella.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*