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2010 sees the 75th anniversary of DC Comics, which launched in February 1935 with the first issue of New Fun. Since then, it’s gone on to publish some of the greatest comics ever. Here’re seventy-five you really should’ve read already.

The Superman Chronicles Vol. 1
What is it? The first appearances of the world’s first superhero.
Why you should read it: When it comes to historical importance, the origins of an entire genre seems like a kind of big deal, especially when that genre goes on to take over popular culture in all its forms.

The Batman Chronicles Vol. 1
What is it? The first appearances of DC’s most popular character.
Why you should read it: Because they’re the first appearances of Batman. Weren’t you paying attention to what I said above? Also: Hello, historical significance, not to mention the chance to see how the original version of the character differs from his current incarnation(s).

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This is a pretty tight list. I will have to add some titles to my ever growing wish list. Which do you have and which do you want to get? Can you believe it’s DC’s 75th anniversary? If your not a fan of comics, tell us why.