Some of you told me I wouldn’t like Twilight, I bought the book anyway to see what all the hoopla was about. Well, I finally finished it, and I appreciated the romance-factor.

I did a feminist reading of Twilight and here’s what bugged me:

1. Bella has no outside hobbies.

After she moves to Washington, Bella makes a few friends, but she’s not interested in them. Mostly life is about Edward, Edward, Edward. What relationship can survive that?

2. The guys are totally unrealistic.

Women are always writing male characters how we’d like guys to be—not how they really are

3. Bella is brainwashed

Bella tells us repeatedly that Edward the smug vampire is “too perfect,” “flawless,” and has an “angel’s face” . I nearly got brainwashed.

4. Bella is a domestic diva.

She cooks for her bachelor dad every night. Bella does laundry, too. But I think we only see her do homework once.

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I love everything about Twilight! With that being said, I see where she is coming from. But that is why its fiction. I did like where she mentioned later on about Mike Newton and how at the beach he brought sandwiches or something. She goes on to say, what real teenage boy would do that! Ok, seriously I have to agree Mike was supposed to be the “regular” guy. Teenage boys don’t do that, they hang out with the other guys or are in the water.

Do you agree with her? Is Twilight sending the wrong messages to girls? Is Bella basically hopeless?