Paul Wesley to Appear on ‘The Vampire Diaries’ North American Convention Source

All I have to say is YES! I have family in Georgia and by then I shall have my license, so it is a very big possibility that I will go to this convention. The character Stefan is okay, but I am more fond of Damon, so fingers crossed that Ian Somerhalder will show up on the list. And as for Nina, I’ve been watching her for years now on the screen. I had a love hate relation with her on Degrassi, but I do like her on VD. Are you thinking of going to the first ever North American VD convention? Who would you be most excited to see? Have you ever met any of the stars from Vampire Diaries?

New Trailer For Sci-Fi Series ‘Falling Skies’ Hits The Web Source

Okay I’m all for new shows, I understand that networks need to keep things fresh, but this is not the way to do so. In my opinion atleast! Quoteing the website above “Consider it more like The Walking Dead of alien invasions.”. I don’t want another walking dead. (Yes I am a fan of it) I don’t want to be watching something that is exactly like the Walking Dead, they just beamed down some aliens instead of zombies. It’s just like those cop shows that keep coming out, they’re all the same show, they just take place in other cities. Unlike me, do you want to watch Falling Skies? Do you think it sounds any good?

McMillian ‘hoping for True Blood return’ Source

Ummm I really don’t see the need to bring back Steve Newlin for this season. I’m mean, I’m pretty positive that he wasn’t in the fourth book (Maybe I’m wrong, if so someone correct me please.) Anyways I love house McMillian says “if it’s time for Steve to come back, they’ll do it in a way that’s really satisfying for fans of Fellowship of the Sun.” Who’s a fan of the Fellowship? I know I’m not! I am so excited though for the fourth season, it’s still my favorite book so the writers better not disappoint me. What do you like about True Blood? Do you enjoy Steve Newlin and the Fellowship of the Sun?

People’s Choice Awards 2011 nominees in television categories Source

That’s what I like to see, lots of supernatural nominees! For TV Drama as much as I love Vampire Diaries, I may be leaning more towards Gossip Girl. Haha and when it comes to the Supernatural category, ehh I will have to go with True Blood.