101 Reasons Why I’m Not Taking a Bath by Stacy McAnulty: Book Review



4 star

101 Reasons Why I’m Not Taking a Bath

Author: Stacy McAnulty (Illustrator: Joy Ang)

ISBN13: 9780385391900

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Synopsis:  101-reasons

No one likes baths. What a waste of time! There’s so much more important stuff to do! Plus, baths are super dangerous for a number of reasons. You want me to list a few? Most household accidents happen in the bathroom. Scientific fact! A kid in Texas turned into a prune after taking a bath. Scientific fact!

If you need more evidence, allow me to point you to an excellent book called 101 Reasons Why I’m Not Taking a Bath. It’s full of insightful and logical reasons why you should definitely not be subjected to this useless ritual. Joy Ang and Stacy McAnulty really understand how dumb baths are, and have done a top-notch job of demonstrating why.


101 Reasons Why I’m Not Taking a Bath is just that or there about – reasons why a young boy is not going to get his bath. It is told in his voice to the person wanting him to get in that tub. No way, no how is he going to do it. He states a very good case for it too. Funny illustrations accompany his reasons. Seriously “the dog only has to bath twice a year” and “aliens may attack”. Who would want to get in that bath with viable reasons like those and many more.

I think the best point made by the book is that no matter how much complaining the boy does, once he gets in the tub, he does not want to come out. It would be a fun book to read to any child that is not in the mood for a bath or is hesitant about getting one. The pages are nice quality and look as if they are smeared with the dirty hands of said boy. I bet parents and their young children alike will enjoy this fun attack on the bath.