from Adam-Troy Castro at Sci Fi Wire

We’re devoting the third of our 31 specials for the 31 days of Halloween to Stephen King’s 10 scariest novels. And before you leap on us for not including your favorite book, remember—we’re not claiming these are the 10 best Stephen King novels, just the ones most likeliest to keep you up at night.


The Shining: The haunted Overlook Hotel houses a family that, over one long winter, slowly goes insane together. It’s scariest inside poor Jack’s head. He’s a guy who didn’t have to be a monster, but who lives the horror of becoming one.

Salem’s Lot:   We get the unnerving impression that something’s gone seriously wrong with this sleepy New England town long before King finally—well into the page count—gets around to revealing that the new neighbors are vampires. Then the bloodsuckers start scratching at windows in the dead of night, and we lose it. It’s one of the last times vampires were actually allowed to be scary.

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I’ve been to the hotel that inspired the Shining (they have ghost tours), and I can imagine it being incredibly creepy when you’re the only ones there. Of course, it’s Stephen King’s fault that long hallways are creepy now…

Do you think these are his scariest?