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by Dawn, January 29, 2010

by Bertena Varney

For everyone who is awaiting Stephenie Meyer’s next project, the wait will soon over. On March 16, 2010, Twilight, the Graphic Novel Volume 1 will be released in hardcover by Yen Press. The Twilight Series is split into two volumes because of the immense text in which the book holds. The second volume’s release date is unknown.

The graphic novel is a black and white text with colors used intermittently throughout the story to draw attention to specific pieces of the story. Korean artist, Young Kim can be credited for this artistic endeavor.

According to Stephenie Meyer’s website she stated that “I’ve enjoyed working on this new interpretation of Twilight,” said Meyer. “Young has done an incredible job transforming the words that I have written into beautiful images. The characters and settings are very close to what I was imagining while writing the series.”

The Twilight series came to be born in 2003 when Meyer had a dream of two lovers in a field- one happened to be a vampire. From there it has been one of the largest grossing book with sales reaching over 85 million copies to date and two high grossing movies.

The book can be pre-ordered through Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble.

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