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‘New Moon’ Has Fans Jumping From Team Edward To Team Jacob With even Kirsten Stewart questioning Bella’s alliance to Edward and with Taylor Lautner looking particularly beefy these days, it’s no wonder die-hard Team Edward members are questioning their allegiance to the brooding vampire.

Some fans are switching teams altogether — so does that mean no one is on Team Edward anymore?

“I’m still Team Edward,” Stephanie told MTV News early Friday after catching a midnight screening of “New Moon” in New York. “Die-hard.”

The majority of Twi-Hards agreed that no matter how hot Lautner gets, Edward will always have their hearts. But, obviously, Jacob has his supporters too, many of whom were always behind the werewolf, along with some newcomers.

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“Twilight” Sequel Sets New Opening-Day Record

“The Twilight Saga: New Moon” smashed the record for a single-day opening at the North American box office, and was on track to score one of the biggest weekend tallies of all time, according to preliminary data issued on Saturday.

The vampire romance sequel earned $72.7 million across the United States and Canada on Friday, a figure that includes record-breaking midnight sales of $26.3 million, said the film’s closely held distributor Summit Entertainment.

The old record for a single-day opening was $62.2 million, held by last year’s “Batman” sequel “The Dark Knight,” which went on to become the second-biggest grossing movie of all time in North America before accounting for inflation.

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Robert Pattinson, star of New Moon on Ellen show

www.examiner.comPattinson told some of his favorite fan stories to Ellen today.  And Ellen mentioned about how he was on her show a year ago before the Twilight movie came out, and no one knew who he was. The Twilight series of movies has catapulted the 23 year old into stardom.  He said that no one, not even Stephenie Meyer (Twilight author) could have predicted how popular it would become.  Scroll down for the Ellen interview video.

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Taylor Lautner Workout Enters Twilight Lore Taylor Lautner workout is a new routine, but the results of the Taylor Lautner workout are indisputable. All the Taylor Lautner workout consists of is non-stop exercise, 3,200 calories a day, and a desire to keep one’s job.

Taylor Lautner didn’t need to work out so much when he first became Jacob in Twilight. As fans know, Jacob was only a small part in the original, then became a major figure in New Moon. Since Edward Cullen is absent for much of New Moon, it is really Jacob who is the male lead in the story, as the werewolf competitor for Bella Swan’s heart.

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Stephanie Meyer’s women-fans and New Moon Stephenie Meyer’s “New Moon” hitting theaters, The Washington Post took a front-page look at fans who reluctantly, oh so reluctantly, have come to love Twilight and her other works. Women who are well past the age of fangirls, but who still feel touched by the teen-love story. Who can’t put the books down. And who start naming their pets (and kids?) after characters in the novels.

Anyone who has read comments on Read Street posts about Meyer is familiar with this phenomenon. Women in their 20s, 30s and beyond have rushed to her defense when others criticized her novels. So if you see “New Moon,” expect a crowd of women of all ages — and not just those who are chaperoning their kids. (By the way, here’s a review of “New Moon,” photo galleries and much more about the movie.) And here’s some first-hand, womanly testimony from Read Street comments:

“I am 26 years old … a doctor … [and ] I found Stephenie Meyer’s novels utterly captivating, because, unlike pretty much every other fantasy/sci-fi book in existence, they are subtle and enjoyable, with a nice dose of romance. — Nette

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Fur v. fang: Why werewolves are sexier than vampires takes a full moon to bring out the werewolves, but Thursday night thousands of rabid fans raced to theatres under the glow of a new moon to catch The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

The impossibly popular Twilight series has been a catalyst for a vampire renaissance in popular culture, with the help of soft-spoken actor Robert Pattinson – who portrays vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight films.

But this time around, the bloodsuckers have lost some of their bite. Most of the hype around New Moon is centred on a new hot-tempered bad boy, werewolf Jacob Black.

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Vatican sinks teeth into vampire film Twilight Moon is the long-awaited sequel to the highly successful Twilight film of last year, and opens in Britain today.

The film, above, contained “an explosive mix” of good-looking protagonists dabbling in the supernatural, said Monsignor Franco Perazzolo of the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Culture. The film’s occult imagery represented a “moral void more dangerous than any deviant message”, he said.

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Sorry, ‘Twilight’ fans, some experts say vampire love isn’t healthy What would you say about a teen relationship in which the guy is so obsessed and protective he sneaks into his loved one’s bedroom to watch her sleep, seems to stalk her every move, tries to control whom she sees and even disables her truck engine so she can’t go out?

Or how about a girl who is equally obsessed with this guy even though he continually tells her he’s dangerous, could inadvertently kill her and treats her as if she were a child?

This same girl becomes so depressed when her boyfriend breaks up with her that she begins to take risks, some seemingly suicidal, because such behavior summons visions of him.

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Hey! I’m still Team Edward, Taylor did not change the way I feel about Edward. As jennifer Love Hewitt said, girls who don’t like Edward are aliens, 😉 

Wow, new moon made 2.7 million more than last year! Incredible. What do you think of the twilight news?