Continuing the press tour for his upcoming film, “Remember Me”, Robert Pattinson sat down for an interview with the Maggie Rodriguez from “The Early Show” on CBS.   Rodriguez asked Rob if he would ever consider shaving his head for a role.  Rob laughed and nodded, saying that he would love to.  He then went on to comment on his hair, saying, “”I was so frustrated, the last few days promoting this, because I really need a haircut and I can’t get one because I’m working!”  He also compared his hair to the wig that Jimmy Fallon wears in the “Robert Is Bothered” sketches, claiming that Fallon’s wig is “less wig-like than my own hair.”



Don’t forget to tune in or set your recording device to catch Kristen Stewart on Jay Leno tomorrow night (March 10) for her “The Runaways” promotional tour.  The movie opens in select cities on March 19 and nationwide on April 9.  Dakota Fanning will also make an appearance on Friday, March 12.


from got to to chat with Academy Award Nominee Catalina Sandino Moreno at The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Official New York Oscar Night celebration. The star-studded cocktail reception took place at GILT Restaurant at the New York Palace Hotel. Catalina plays Maria in “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” which will be in theaters on June 30th, 2010.

Q: I wouldn’t be a good reporter unless I asked about your huge role in Eclipse.

Catalina: It’s not huge though, It’s very very little, very very very small, but it’s a huge movie, and it’s fun and it was great, and the people that I met they were lovely. I didn’t meet everybody, but the people that I met they were just fantastic, so I’m very exicted to be apart of that. It’s huge.

Q: In the books, Maria is very prominent. She’s the evil vampire.

Catalina: I know. I love that she was evil, I love that she had to do something evil. You know If I was going to be a vampire, I would rather be an evil vampire that does crazy stuff than a nice vampire. So yeah, she was so much fun though, she was great.

Q: Were you a fan of the books before you were cast?

Catalina: No, I saw the movies. I was a fan of the films. Chris Weitz is amazing and I loved the first and second “Twilight,” so hopefully this one will be amazing too. It’s going to be great. So I’m really excited they are releasing it very soon. I know it’s crazy they move so fast.



iTunes recently released a new free podcast for “New Moon”.  The clip features “New Moon” director Chris Weitz, editor Peter Lambert, and composer Alexandre Desplat discussing the musical score for the film.

Click Here for the Podcast


Press Release from DirectTV:

“Twi-hards” who have DIRECTV won’t even have to leave the comfort of their own living rooms to be one of the first to see last fall’s box office phenomenon, The Twilight Saga: New Moon. In conjunction with the highly anticipated DVD release of the movie by Summit Entertainment, DIRECTV will offer a midnight premiere of the movie on Saturday, March 20 on DIRECTV Cinema. In addition, customers who purchase the Pay Per View movie will also receive behind-the-scenes bonus features about the film — not available on cable.

In addition to being able to see teen heartthrobs Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen), Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) and Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) in crystal-clear 1080p HD, DIRECTV customers will also have access to the bonus featurette The Subtle Details, which offers viewers a behind-the-scenes look at New Moon’s production design, costuming and more. DIRECTV customers will also receive Chris Weitz Takes the Helm, a feature that documents the transition from Catherine Hardwicke, director of Twilight, to New Moon director Chris Weitz, and his vision of the future of the series.

“DIRECTV Cinema’s goal is to provide customers with the ultimate in-home movie experience they can’t find anywhere else,” said Sarah Lyons, vice president, Upgrade Marketing, DIRECTV. “We are thrilled to not only offer The Twilight Saga: New Moon in 1080p HD but to also give our customers a deeper look at what went into making the film.”

Twilight Saga: New Moon will premiere on DIRECTV Cinema and DIRECTV on Demand at midnight, Saturday, March 20. The movie will be available in 1080p HD (same as Blu-ray) for $5.99 or standard-definition (SD) for $4.99. In addition, Summit Entertainment’s Twilight In Forks, which is a documentary that explores the Pacific Northwest town that inspired the Twilight phenomenon, will also be available in 1080p HD for $5.99 or for $4.99 (SD). For more information on the movies available on DIRECTV Cinema please visit

OK…I’ll have to admit that I would probably cry like a baby if Robert Pattinson shaved his head.  I love his crazy hair.  The buzz cut that he got between “Twilight” and “New Moon” wasn’t too bad, but I love the unruly hair that he has.

I’m thinking that I’ll break my Jay Leno boycott (I’m totally Team Conan) to catch Kristen’s appearance.  If for nothing else, I like to see how she’s growing into her fame and how she incrementally improves her composure with each interview.

The interview with Catalina Sandino Moreno just makes me more and more ready to see “Eclipse” and I’m really looking forward to the trailer dropping this weekend.  Knowing that she’s a part of Jasper’s back story really gets me psyched because I am looking forward to his and Rosalie’s stories being told in the movie.

Do you have DIRECTV? Will you be getting the movie from their on-demand feature this weekend?

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