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by Dawn, October 26, 2009

The CW replaces Wednesday encores of Melrose Place with encores of The Vampire Diaries

Effective this Wednesday The CW is dropping the repeats of Melrose Place and will instead air repeats of The Vampire Diaries on Wednesdays at 9pm during November (except for the two hour America’s Next Top Model finale on Wednesday, November 18).

This is a move many people expected as The Vampire Diaries has been the brightest spot on CW’s lineup this fall and Melrose Place…hasn’t been.


‘True Blood’ Actor Stephen Moyer’s Proposal To Anna Paquin Inspired By A Scene From The Series

Normally, sun-fearing vampires wouldn’t go near a bright, tropical beach. But for “True Blood” star Stephen Moyer, who plays gentlemanly vampire Bill Compton on the HBO series, the locale was a meaningful setting for his proposal to costar Anna Paquin earlier this year.

“There’s a song Bill listens to in the car about a white sandy beach,” Stephen told British Glamour magazine in its November issue, reports People . “So we decided to go away for a break — to a white sandy beach — and that’s where it happened.”

“One of the cast had to do an intimate scene with Anna,” Stephen explained. “I felt it would be so wrong for him to do it, then find out down the line that we were together.”

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When Did ‘Supernatural’ Become a Comedy?

Supernatural fans often use the mantra “In Kripke We Trust” to reassure them that creator and Supernatural mastermind Eric Kripke knows what he’s doing. Indeed, Paris Hilton wasn’t terrible when she guest starred, so at least we were right to have faith then. But with the next three episodes, I find myself growing doubtful.

Following the homicidal Castiel visiting a brothel, a homicidal Abraham Lincoln, Paris Hilton and the Tooth Fairy, the next three episodes will feature Dean turning into an old man, the Winchesters living in TV parodies and the boys taking a trip to a Supernatural fan convention. But isn’t Supernatural supposed to be a drama, and isn’t this season about the Apocalypse?

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I will be happy to watch Vampire Diaries reruns. What about you?

Anna and Stephen are so cute.

I’m not too much into Supernatural. Do you feel that it’s become too comedic?

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