Thrones of Desire: Erotic Tales of Swords, Mist, and Fire
By Mitzi Szereto, Piers Anthony, Zander Vyne, Nyla Nox, & Kim Knox and more!
ISBN#  9781573448154
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Brought to you by OBS reviewer Vicki

The initial questions I need to ask myself after reading sexy books are: A) Do I need a cold shower? And B) Will this fire-engine red blush ever go away? In the case of Thrones of Desire; I believe I shall be spending the next week in my freezer and buying a thick pale ivory foundation from this day forth.

The title of this book, and perhaps even the conception itself, is something that has most likely been born from the kinky corners of the Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire bandwagon. That is not to say that George R. R. Martin doesn’t dish out his fair share of kink – but even his Santa Clause beard wouldn’t hide the inevitable mischievous flush. Thrones of Desire is a collection of short stories from various established authors, all of whom are well respected wordkinksmiths in the fantasy/high fantasy/erotic genres. The caliber of writing is nothing short of superb and although the collection is quite literally story after story of sexy olde worldy frolics; there is no repetition or mediocrity.

Mitzi Szereto has done a top-notch editing job as each story seamlessly flows into the other. The stories range from lonely women tending to wounded soldiers to fierce female Dragonmeisters strutting around half-naked and generally being awesome. There are elements of magic, forbidden love, bitter sexual tension, violence, death, good versus evil, myth and folklore. Something for everyone, unless you are in anyway prudish…

My favorite stories in the collection were At the Sorcerer’s Command by Kim Knox, In the Kingdom of Roz by Madeline Moore and Eyekeeper by Aurelia T. Evans. These three were very different stories but seemed to involve the broadest range of fantasy elements. They all flawlessly determined recognizable genre, believable characters and rich plot, which is something I always find extremely admirable about short story writers.

Thrones of Desire is a fantastic collection of erotic stories that carry a severe hotness warning and definitely require recuperation intervals. Digest this collection at a slow pace or you are sure to suffer a swordplay (*wink*wink*) overload!