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by Dawn, July 7, 2011






Brought to you by OBS staff member Annabell Cadiz

Chapter 19



Chloe heads outside to speak with Simon as they planned after helping Rae with the dishes. Simon and Chloe discuss the fact that Derek believes Chloe may be a necromancer since Chloe is seeing ghosts and hearing them. The ghosts are stuck in limbo and can sense when a necromancer is near by. Being a necromancer is hereditary. Chloe still doesn’t understand. Simon murmurs something and the basketball he’s holding starts to levitate. He thinks Chloe thinks he’s playing a tick on him so he shows her again, letting her pass her hand underneath the ball to see it’s actually floating in the air, then grabs her hand. Tori comes outside, meaning to spend some alone time with Simon when she finds Chloe and Simon still holding hands. Chloe attempts to excuse herself and Simon makes up the excuse of snack time and runs into the house. Later that night, Chloe has trouble sleeping as she finally accepts the fact that she is a necromancer. But she realizes she has more questions than answers. She falls asleep but is woken up by a harsh whisper telling her to get up. Chloe gets out of bed, believing it’s a ghost calling to her. She sees a pale shaper near a closed door. She takes a deep breath and steps inside.

Favorite Quotes:

“Yes, mediums, spiritualists, and psychics are people who think they can talk to the dead. But necromancers can. It’s hereditary.’ He smiled. “Like blond hair. You can cover it up with red streaks, but underneath, it’s still blond. And you can ignore the ghosts, but they’ll still come. They know you can see them.” ~Simon

Chapter 27



Chloe and Tori crawl into the crawlspace. Tori tells Chloe to head to the left, the jewelry box is about halfway up the wall. After about twenty feet, Tori asks Chloe is she sees the pillar and to look right behind it. Chloe crawls to the pillar and starts feeling around the base of it when Tori reaches for Chloe’s arm, her hand wrapping around Chloe’s forearm and yanks Chloe off balance. Chloe tries to move back but Tori just knees her in the stomach. She accuses Chloe of ruining her life and smacks the back of Chloe’s head with a rock. Chloe falls unconscious. Chloe wakes up a few times but falls back to being unconscious. After a while she finally manages to gain her consciousness back and realizes her hands are tied behind her back with tape as well as her legs. Tape has also been placed over her mouth. Chloe flips onto her back and uses her hands to push herself up, managing to get onto her knees. A man’s voice calls out Chloe’s name. Chloe freaks out and shifts forward, smacking her nose into the post. She lowers her head from the pain and ends up smacking her skull into the post then topples sideways. The ghost tells Chloe to calm down and try summoning him to help her. Chloe tries to concentrate hard but the ghost yells at her to stop concentrating so hard then his voice disappears. Chloe decides to try to find the door. She crawls toward a bit of light she can see when the ground underneath her trembles and pitches her forward. The bindings around her hands loosen and Chloe free her hands. As Chloe moves to untie her legs, the ground underneath her trembles harder. Chloe thinks it’s an earthquake until she hears a thumping sound followed by a guttural sound. She tries harder to free her feet and something rattles right beside her. Icy fingertips brush Chloe’s bare arm. Chloe fells something wet trickle down her leg. She sits there frozen, too terrified to move. Dry, long and cold fingers trickle down Chloe’s neck. A voice calls out asking for help and Chloe lunges herself forward. She winds up face first in the floor then pushes herself up on all fours, moving as fast as she could to the door. Chloe gets to the door and pushes but the door is locked. She starts slamming her fists against the door and screaming for help as cold fingers wrap around her bare ankle.

Favorite Quotes:

“Get down, little girl. I’ll lead the way . . .and fend off all the nasty ghosts.” ~Tori (to Chloe as they crawl into the crawlspace)

Discussion Questions:

1. What do you of Tori’s prank on Chloe?

2. What do you think is after Chloe in the basement?

3. What do you think is hidden in the crawlspace?

4. Do you think Liz is dead or is really being held at a different facility and can astral project?

5. Derek has super human strength, hearing, and smarts. If you could have one of his gifts, which one would you choose?

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This wraps up The Summoning Book Club.

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