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by Dawn, May 4, 2012

A while ago I had the pleasure of reviewing Caught in Crystal (Book 4 of the Lyra Series) in ebook form and today, I am happy to tell our readers that Wrede and Caroline Stevermer’s beloved series featuring cousins Cecilia and Kate is about to be released in ebook form. In honor of that release, OBS is participating in a delicious Enchanted Chocolate Blog Fest!

So what is this series about? Cousins, Cecilia and Kate, in Regency-era England where magic is acceptable in society, but not without danger. Cecy and Kate have been inseparable since childhood, but when the series opens in Sorcery & Cecilia: or The Enchanted Chocolate Pot, they have been forced to spend a summer apart, communicating through their letters. And then, danger finds Kate and so their story begins…

Picture is of paperback edition

And if that isn’t intriguing enough, Wrede and Stevermer began this series in one of the most unique ways: they began writing to each other as Cecy (Wrede) and Kate (Stevermer). Their letters were a simple hobby at first – anyone feel that listing reading as a hobby just doesn’t have the same ring to it anymore? – until their correspondence was enough to be made into a book, and then a series.

So, to celebrate the release of this delicious series in ebook form, OBS will be showcasing the original letter from Cecy to Kate on May 7th and then from Kate to Cecy on May 14th.

Mark your calendars!!

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