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by hmhibbit, October 28, 2013


5 star rating
Midnight’s Promise
Dark Warriors, Book #8
By Donna Grant
ISBN# 9781250017291
Author’s Website:

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

midnights-promise-donna-grant-dark-warriorAfter all the terrible and evil things Malcolm Munro has had to do in his life, and the pain he has experienced, he feels that he has lost his humanity and is completely dead inside.  He’s been distancing himself from the residents of MacLeod Castle little by little and even from his beloved cousin, Larena, even though she needs him now more than ever as she tries to fight the effects the drough blood has had on her.  He’s even wondering if the solution to all their problems could be solved by eradicating all the Druids.

That is until he feels the pulse of a certain Druid’s power that entrances him and leads him to a place he thought never to return; Carin Toul.

Evie Walker is on the run from an unknown hacker that is after the necklace her family has guarded for centuries.  But when it appears she’s out of options the stones of Carin Toul call to her promising her safety.  And, when the aloof Malcolm takes an interest in her, both of their lives change forever.

First, I must say that I have loved me some Malcolm from the moment he was introduced into this series and this is a book that I’ve been hoping and praying would come to pass.  I could hardly wait to delve in as I had one thing on my mind: Malcolm Malcolm Malcolm!  And, for those of you that share my obsession with this scarred Highland Warrior, you won’t be disappointed!  I LOVED this book!

Malcolm has been an outsider throughout this series and we’ve seen him drift further and further away from those that want to help him.  He is one of the most flushed out characters of this series with his heart-wrenching back-story from being attacked while on his way to visit Larena, only to be captured by Deidre and the horrors that came afterward.  I have been dying for him to find happiness and of course his mate (if it must be someone other than me *sigh*)!

Evie on the other hand seems to be pretty naïve most of the time, but I found myself really liking her.  She also starts to mature as the book continues, which is nice.  It’s interesting to see how her decisions truly affect the other characters of this series.

This book really brings everything to a head, especially the conflict with Jason.  We get to see what Jason’s end plan is and how he expects to use Evie and Malcolm to achieve it.  After certain actions are put into motion, it leaves you wondering how the Warriors, Druids, and Dragons will ever overcome the obstacles laid before them, but I never had a doubt that they would!

This book focuses on the prophecy mentioned in the previous installment, Midnight’s Temptation, and I loved every second of it!  There is so much emotion and action that I couldn’t put it down!  And, I’m in fact writing this at 2 a.m., since that is when I finally read the last sentence of the book.

Like I mentioned, this book is awesome, but it is also bittersweet.  They last few pages makes it appear that this will be the final book of the series.  It reminds me very much of the end of a movie where they show pictures of the character and have you read below each one to find out what happened to them; how they ended up.  And, it makes everything seem so final with the series.  It makes sense as all the Warriors are now mated, but it doesn’t make me any less sad about it.  Hopefully we will still see glimpses of our favorites throughout the rest of the Dragon Kings series, which seems to have endless possibilities considering the unnumbered amount of Kings in existence!

I urge all you Donna Grant fans, especially my fellow Malcolm lovers, to go out, buy this book, read it (over and over again), cherish it, and just enjoy!  I know this book is one that I will not be satisfied by reading only once.

And, as usual, here is the wallpaper of Malcolm from Grant’s website.  It looks nothing like how I pictured him in my head, but it’s still fun!


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