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killer-eulogy-and-ther-stories-warren-bullAbout Killer Eulogy and Other Stories:

One definition of noir is “no happy endings.” In this short story collection by award-winning author, Warren Bull, don’t expect any last-minute reprieves – it isn’t going to happen. Dark desires spiral inexorably down toward disaster. Bad choices lead to dangerous consequences, and a sucker never gets an even break.

A clergyman chosen to speak on behalf of the dead is accused of murder. An author trying to make a name for herself attracts the attention of a stalker. A police detective investigating a series of seemingly unrelated murders finds an appalling and very personal link between the crimes.

A brand-new collection of stories from the creator of Murder Manhattan Style. (Goodreads)


About author Warren Bull:

Warren has been writing for as long as he can remember. He claims to come from a functional family and he is a fierce competitor at trivia games.

Warren Bull is an award-winning author of more than twenty published short stories as well as memoirs, essays and a novel, ABRAHAM LINCOLN FOR THE DEFENSE, PublishAmerica, 2003, Smashwords, 2010. He has published in STRANGE MYSTERIES II, Whorlteberry Press, 2010, STRANGE MYSTERIES, Whortleberry Press, 2009, MEDIUM OF MURDER, Red Coyote Press, 2008, MANHATTAN MYSTERIES, KS publishing, Inc. 2005, Great Mystery and Suspense magazine, Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine,, Mouth Full of Bullets, The Back Alley, and Mysterical-E, among others.

    • For more information about the author and his books visit him at his Official Website here.
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