Superheroes Anonymous, Book #4

By Lexie Dunne

ISBN13: 9780062696236

Author’s Website: www(.)dunnewriting(.)com


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Gail “Hostage Girl” Godwin is back and ready to save the day—sort of—in #Herofail, the fourth book in Lexie Dunne’s action-packed Superheroes Anonymous series!

She’s been in trouble before, but Gail Godwin has really stepped in it now.

Once a favorite plaything of supervillains everywhere, the former Hostage Girl has settled into interning for the world’s most famous superhero: the Raptor. Sure, fetching coffee comes with a side of fighting crime and night patrol hours are horrible, but that’s fine. Gail likes her boss, she likes her job, and things with her boyfriend couldn’t be better.

So of course disaster strikes the first time she dons the armor. One ill-timed photo later, she’s trending on every platform (and not in a good way), the Raptor is out of commission, and thousands are in danger. And when two of the worst supervillains in history battle for Top Evildoer of All Time, Gail’s stuck in the spotlight without a mentor or a plan. It’s up to her to uncover old secrets, fight the bad guys, and save the world (again).

Provided she doesn’t fall flat on her ass in the process.


#HeroFail starts with Gail Godwin, a.k.a. Hostage Girl, a.k.a. Raptorlet, patrolling the city and saving people from criminals and villains. Gail gets invited to a Davenport dinner party, where Kiki Davenport is presented to the board members of the company and is given new authority and responsibilities. Some of the party guests are not happy with the news, but Tamara Diesel and her goons attack before anybody express their ideas. Tamara attacks the guests with a toxic gas that only affects those that don’t have superpowers.  In the fight, Gail wears the Raptor suit, but Tamara shoots Jessie and flees.

After the chaos of the party, the prisoners of Detmer escape and Fearless (Rita Detmer) captures Gail and tortures her again. The villains divide into two groups, those that follow Rita and those that follow Tamara.

Gail and the other superheroes are at full capacity trying to save the citizens from new attacks and stop Tamara from killing those affected by her toxin.

Gail will do her best to save her friends and live up her mentor’s honor.

I liked #HeroFail, it’s fun to continue reading Gail’s adventures as she works as a superhero and learns more about her powers. I also liked this world that Lexie Dunne has created for her characters to live in.

The villains in this story had very good plans to try to hurt people and get things done. I liked how some villains’ minds are ruled by the villainous syndrome, and how Rita sets things in motion to get her plans done.

One problem that I had with this book, was that the narrative of the story was a bit slow for some at the beginning, but it found its pace eventually.

I loved Gail and her powers. Gail has gone through a lot in the previous books, and this time she also goes over things. I liked Gail’s relationship with Guy and how the author didn’t make things all happy for them but made them have some issues to work on.

I really liked #HeroFail.

If you are a fan of Lexie Dunne and her work, then I recommend you #HeroFail. In this story,

Gail has to fight her way out of so many villains attacking, but most of all find herself and embrace her true inner hero.


*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*