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by hmhibbit, January 27, 2014


3 Star rating
Friends with Benefits
Vault, Book #1
By Anne Lange
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*Beware of possible Spoilers*

friends-with-benefits-vault-anne-langeAfter seven years of marriage, Tyler convinces his wife to start living out some of her fantasies.  And, when his best friend, Connor, moves to town Tyler jumps at the chance to bring him into the bedroom with Angela and him.  But Tyler doesn’t want a one-time thing, he wants the two people he loves most in the world to be in his bed permanently!

I’ve read some smut in my day, but this was my first ménage book, and I wasn’t sure what to expect!  It definitely has its pros and cons, but overall I did enjoy the book, and would definitely consider reading another one!

I found quite a bit of this book, especially in the beginning, to be pretty unbelievable!  Yes, I know its fiction and most of fiction would never happen in real life, but I like to have the belief that it *could* happen!

Let’s start with Angela.  I found her to be quite the contradiction.  She’s got all these secret sexual fantasies that cause her to read some raunchy books to get her engine revving.  But when it comes to sex she is timid and has to be coaxed into every little thing by her husband.

I could maybe see a guy being interested in bringing someone else into the bedroom, and I thought Tyler might have a crush on his buddy, Connor.  I had a very hard time believing he’d want his wife to have sex with his buddy without him though, especially when he was out of town, and found it strange that he was having to force both his friend and his wife into it.  But by the end of the book I did feel that I understood him more and understood why he was that way aboutt bringing Connor in.

“Yeah, impress her with your carpentry skills. Judging by some of the books she reads, she likes big, strong, guys—men who do honest work to build their muscles. She’s horny as hell when she comes to bed some nights. I’m thinking you could offer to mend some fencing, finish my deck, or something. Watching you work would get her juices flowing.”

“Is this your way of tricking me into doing your yard work?” Connor snickered and raised his beer. “Strange way to go about it, bud.”

It’s a little strange when the ‘other’ man is the voice of reason, with Connor trying to talk Tyler out of his plan, reminding him that this is his wife they’re talking about and constantly asking Tyler what’s in it for him.  I found that Connor was the most ‘real’ character in this story, and he was by far my favorite!  At times I felt like Tyler had turned his wife into a toy to share with his buddy, but I never doubted Connor’s sincerity once he started having feelings for Angela.  I was actually waiting for Angela and Connor to run off together!

This story also broaches the consequences of this kind of relationship; namely the ridicule the participants receive from other people that see what’s going on between them.  Reactions, that make them want to hide their relationship from others.  But the book does open your mind to alternate lifestyles and takes you into a realm of underground sex clubs, and a different way of living overall, which I did find to be interesting.

I did enjoy this story, but it’s one I wouldn’t read unless you have some form of release available to you!

This book just introduced us to the Vault, and I’m curious to see how the rest of the series will take us further into that world!  This is a nice ménage story and it weaved an interesting story in with the hot sex!  I will definitely be reading book 2!

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