Every Little Kiss

A White Pine Novel, #3

By:  Kim Amos

ISBN:  145555751X (ISBN13: 9781455557516)

Author’s Website: http://www.kimamoswrites.com

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Synopsis:Every Little Kiss


Eternal good girl Casey Tanner moved to White Pine for a fresh start. Her mission: to finally have fun. And a fling with a reckless bad boy is the very first item on the to-do list she pretended not to make. After one long, lingering look at a sexy firefighter, Casey has found her man.


Getting women into his bed has never been a problem for Abe Cameron. Letting one into his heart is an entirely different matter. But just one kiss, just one touch, just one smile from beautiful Casey has this lifelong bachelor flirting with the idea of forever. And Casey’s refusal to settle down only makes Abe more determined than ever to win her heart. Now the one woman who can’t be caught is the only one Abe can’t live without.


Every Little Kiss is the third book in the A White Pine Novel series.  We once again meet up with Casey Tanner (sister to Audrey – from book 2 in the series ‘And Then He Kissed Me’) but this time it is Casey’s story we embark upon.  Casey has just returned to White Pine, with a new job as accountant for Robot Lit in an effort to rebuild her relationship with her younger sister Audrey.  And within moments of starting the book…a fire alarm goes off at Robot Lit and who does Casey meet but the handsome and buff firefighter Abe.  Now Casey is definitely what I would call a ‘Nervous Nellie’ in elevators.  As Casey starts to slowly freak out, Abe comes to the rescue:

Strong fingers wrapped around her forearm. She looked down, but couldn’t see even an outline of a hand. “Easy there,” came the lieutenant’s deep voice. “It’s okay.” His unrelenting grip should have offended her. What right did he have to touch her?  But instead, it grounded her reeling mind.  Fragments of logic pierced through, I’m in an elevator. This man is a firefighter.  Still, her breath was ragged. She couldn’t get enough air. The space pressed against her. She was aware she might be panting. “Casey, listen to me.” The lieutenant had stepped closer. She could feel him acutely. “I want you to close your eyes and count to ten.”  

I love how Abe took control (okay…it is his job but still).  At that moment, I wanted to meet Abe!  My hero J.   I thought the symbolism of Abe pushing himself VERY hard when he was running on the trail enticing and really wanted to continue reading to find out what was the issue and why he thought as he did:

His job should have made him grateful for every day he was alive and healthy. Oddly, it had done the opposite.  It had numbed him, in a way, to his life.  It could all get taken away so easily, so why get invested?  It was part of why he kept himself cordoned off from any relationship that got too deep or too heavy.

The inner struggle Casey was in (trying to be more spontaneous and carefree as opposed to her nature of structured and planned in all that she does) was moving and yet…funny. Her ‘list’ was short, spelling out the specifics for her next encounter of the romantic kind.  This list was vetted through her recipe exchange club and in Casey’s mind should be all complete.  But when the time arises, it certainly seemed that important items were missing. Abe tried to stick to the list but kept bringing up points, which Casey had not considered.  It was funny with a capital “F” let me tell you.  I was laughing so hard I thought I would cry.

I definitely found the friendship and bond between the gals of the recipe exchange club very powerful and heart-warming.  Every gal should have a group of buds who support each other and know just when to push you to go after what (or should I say whom) you are pining after.

The way that both Casey and Abe developed and grew during the story was engaging and gave the romantic in me warm fuzzy feelings.

If you like romance with a sense of humour, then you will surely enjoy this third book in the White Pine series.  Thank you Kim Amos.

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