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by hmhibbit, February 12, 2014


4 star rating
Dangerous Highlander
Dark Sword, Book #1
By Donna Grant
ISBN# 9780312381226
Author’s Website:

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

*Beware of possible Spoilers*

dangerous-highlander-dark-sword-donna-grantThree brothers, Fallon, Lucan, and Quinn, have been living in their dilapidated castle, hidden from the world for over 300 years, ever since their entire clan was massacred by the evil Deidre.  The brothers have a god trapped inside them that was unbound by Deidre when she had them imprisoned in her mountain.  Since then they have struggled to gain control over their god.  Both Lucan and Quinn seemed to have gotten the upper hand with their god, but Fallon fears it and what he could do if he lets his god out, so he drowns in wine to numb everything, leaving him inebriated all of the time.  Quinn is consumed with rage over the loss of his wife and son.  Which leaves Lucan being the one that holds his brothers together.  But all of that could come crashing down when Lucan saves a woman from falling off the cliffs to her death and brings her to the castle.

Cara’s parents were murdered when she was little and she was raised at the nunnery.  She has always wanted to belong somewhere and has decided to pledge herself to become a nun.  She goes out picking mushrooms near MacLeod castle one day and almost loses the last thing she has of her mother, the strange necklace she gave her.  She refuses to lose it and falls from the cliffs trying to recover it once the wind catches a hold of it.  She wakes up inside the castle with a strange and alluring man looking over her.

The village and MacLeod castle are attacked on the heels of Cara showing up.  They all soon realize that it’s Deidre at work once again and that this time she wants Cara, a Druid that knows nothing of her heritage or that she possesses magic.  Now the MacLeod brothers must prepare for when Deidre strikes again and must help Cara learn to defend herself and discover her true magical capabilities.

I want to start off by saying that I went about Grant’s books a little backwards.  I read the Dark Warriors series, not knowing that it was a spin-off of the Dark Sword books.  So, now I decided to head back to the Dark Sword books and see exactly what I missed.  I found myself pretty confused with the first Dark Warriors book, and reading this book makes me realize how much easier the situation would have been if I had read he Dark Sword novels first!  But since I have already read the warriors first, I must say that it’s nice to get the back-story of the original warriors!

I absolutely adored Lucan in this book!  He truly is the glue that holds the remainder of his family together.  He’s strong and loyal, and is the main reason he and his brothers have survived for so long.  I enjoyed seeing him find happiness with Cara.  He completely made me melt in this book.  Love Him!

Cara definitely had a horrid past of her own to overcome and it was nice seeing her find a place to belong.  And, in doing so has also brought the MacLeod brothers back together, breathing life back into all of them, even Fallon!

This book was great and definitely had the Donna Grant flair and steaminess to it!  It was an easy and fast read and I have recommended her books to several of my friends!  I can’t wait to delve into the next Dark Sword book in the very near future!


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