2 star rating
Captivated By You
Crossfire, Book #4
By Sylvia Day
ISBN#  9780425273869
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captivated-by-you-sylvia-dayEva and Gideon have overcome obstacles in their relationship, but now they’re married and nobody can tear them apart … or can they?

Most people think that Eva and Gideon are newly engaged little do most know that they are already married!!  Most will never know of their secret ceremony binding them together as they don’t plan to tell, and instead plan to make the next ceremony the only one most will ever find out about.

Gideon is still fighting nightmares and he is afraid he will hurt Eva during or after they occur forcing him to sleep away from his beautiful wife.  This couple is also dealing with exes that want them back trying to interfere in their relationship.  Are Eva and Gideon strong enough to stand up to all that threaten their love?  Or will all these obstacles rip them apart?

This is the first book in this series that I have read.  And, I’m sad to say that I wasn’t a fan.  My overwhelming thoughts of this being a toxic relationship kept me from ever enjoying the book.

Gideon drove me crazy with his jealous and controlling ways.  It didn’t matter if Eva wanted to do something or not, things were always done his way.  He may seem like he was giving her the choice at times, but it all seemed very calculating.

I found this line to be very telling and pretty much described how these characters were throughout the book:

“He waited patiently and I knew that patience would hold.  Whether it took me five minutes or five hours, he would wait for me.  And that was why I trusted him.  Because it was never a question of whether I would submit, but when I was ready to, and that was a decision he most often left to me.”

So even though he’s controlling her, she makes it sound like it’s a good thing, something he’s leaving up to her?  She’s always talking about how lucky she is to have such a great guy and I just don’t agree!  And the fact that she let herself be stepped on so much of this book really just ruined any chance for me to enjoy it.  I would think that being the fourth book in the series that the characters would have developed and matured to where these behaviors would have been worked out by now.

This book ended with them working on their relationship, but I honestly don’t see their dynamic truly changing so I don’t foresee me continuing this series.

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