Spinoffonline Walking Dead Marathon


This sounds like a really cool way to catch up on this show before the new DVD comes out!

Dreadcentral.com Scream of the Banshee original movie

This is pretty cool you don’t see banshees in very many movies or books…sounds like something way different then what we’re used to seeing.

zap2it.com Vampire Diaries–A new witch on the way

Who would you like to see cast as the newest witch?

eonline Who’s getting a new love on True Blood?

I personally am getting tired of these short little trists that Sam gets involved in…so if they’re going to bring someone new in, I hope it lasts!  But I can’t wait for the new season to start already…I’m getting all primed for some named Eric running down the street.  Yes I know in the book he had jeans on…but come on this is True Blood and they look for any excuse for nudity so I’m hoping the jeans disappear for the show!!

BSCReview.com HBO’s Game of Thrones-Iron Throne teaser

TVguide Terra Nova’s Colorful Creatures

A new dinosaur–how cool is that?

Digitalspy.com True Blood Storylines revealed!

June 12th–sweet that’s the first time I’ve seen the air date listed—will have to make sure to have my HBO turned back on by then!!