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by Dawn, August 28, 2009 Have you ever wondered how much fun it would be to fill out a madlib based on the characters of J.R. Ward’s chrackilicious Black Dagger Brotherhood series of paranormal romances?

Well, now you can find out! In the fields below, supply the information as requested, and when you’re done click on the button at the bottom. Repeat as often as necessary!

Here is the one I made:

Wrath opened the door to the sound of Opera.  Tohr and Rhage were listening to Metallica again.  ‘What is this Sh*t?’ Wrath demanded.

  ‘Bodacious, my brother, it’s just Metallica’s new album, Hideous Machete.’

 Just then Fritz came in.  With a tray laden with dank Fischer Price clothes.

  ‘B*tch, Fritz!’ cried Rhage.  ‘These are f**king battered!’

  Vishous came in, dagger drawn.  ‘The lessers are back.  I caught Mr. X turned a civilian vampire.  With a mouse.’

 ‘Time for. Swiftly.’ said Wrath.

  ‘Whatever,’ said Rhage.  ‘I don’t care as long as I get leave some yellow boxes.’

Go here to make your own!

LOL!!!! You should go make your own…its super fun!

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