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by Andra W, October 1, 2017

At Last

The Brooklyn Brotherhood, Book #1

Addison Fox

(ISBN13: 9781250114211)

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Welcome to Park Heights, Brooklyn where three brothers discover the meaning of family, and taking a chance on love.

After a year of turmoil, Emma Vandenburg Bradley returned home to Park Heights to run her family’s business – a Brooklyn institution – Unity brewery. Still trying to get her feet back under her, she definitely doesn’t want to be on the spectacularly bad date that ends with getting caught in a bar fight and her high school crush coming to her rescue.

Nick Kelley’s career in the NFL was cut short, but now he has a successful bar in Brooklyn and his dream of buying the Unity brewery is about to come true. Until he realizes that the mystery woman he saved—and shared a steamy kiss with—is none other than his high school chemistry partner, Emma…who happens to be a part owner of Unity. And she’s not interested in selling her family’s legacy.

When Emma and Nick find themselves on opposing sides, both are willing to do anything to win. But as their connection grows deeper, they become torn: Can they choose between their love for Unity and their plans for the future—and for each other?  (Goodreads)


Emma has returned home to help run her family business, the Unity Brewery.  After earning her degree and a failed marriage, she wants to get involved in the business and put her degree to work.  But her dad, who has become bitter since the death of her mother, wants to sell the business from under her feet.  He even has a buyer all ready to make the purchase.  That buyer is Nick, the town hero.  Nick is an ex NFL player who owns the most popular bar in town.  To make matters worse, Nick and Emma have a history of being chemistry partners in high school.  Both of them want to see their dreams come true and to do that, they have to beat the other and take total control of the brewery.  But as they spend more time together and get to know the other one better, they both feel a mutual respect and attraction.  One of the two are going to get hurt in the end, by losing the brewery and possibly their heart.

The characters are well developed and well rounded.  I enjoyed getting to know both Emma and Nick and thought they made a great couple.  Both of them are willing to work hard and do what it takes to make their dreams come true.  I thought the fact that they both cherished legacy and tradition so much was special and I wish more people felt that way.  I enjoyed the camaraderie  between Nick and his brothers, Landon and Fender.  Their bickering and one-upmanship was funny and entertaining.  There was a lot of good ribbing between them but it was obvious that they loved each other a lot.  

Having said that, I felt that there were a few too many characters in this book, and they all did not add to the story.  In fact, I think having so many of them muddied the waters a little. The other thing that I did not especially like was all of the many different points of view in the book.  That confused me a little and made it harder to stay in the story.  After reading the prologue, when I started the first chapter, I thought, “what, is this the same book?”.   These things are only my opinion, and others may not feel this way.  

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a romantic contemporary read.  Although there were some things that I had a bit of a problem with, I did enjoy At Last and am looking forward to reading the next book in the series, which looks as though it will be Landon’s story.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*

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