By Jace Lacob at the Los Angeles Times

It looks like it won’t be quite as smooth a liftoff for the alien invasion drama series “V” as initially planned.

ABC has confirmed that it has rejiggered the launch plan for the new fall drama, which is set to premiere  Nov. 3. The network has decided to air just the first four installments of the Warner Bros. Television-produced series — and then place “V” on hiatus until after the Winter Olympics.


The decision is said to be based on ABC’s efforts to promote the series as an “event.” But less optimistic minds might recall that the network had previously shut down production on “V” for two weeks in order to undergo some creative overhaul. That hiatus has now been extended for an additional four weeks.

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That’s really frustrating. I understand not airing during the Olympics, but that’s a long break before and after. Waiting that long will only hurt their ratings anyway. I’m still looking forward to the show, but this does put a damper on it.

Will you watch “V”? What do you think of long breaks in the middle of seasons?