The dead have risen and they are walking in the time of King Arthur’s Round Table,  and one knight cursed with the “Walking Starvation” is one very close to Arthur and his court. So goes the premise of the new comic book series Knights of the Living Dead by Ron Wolfe and Dustin Higgins.

Knights of the Living Dead goes beyond its zombie comic mash-up exterior to present a a Young Adult adventure tale that goes deep into the essence of what it means to be human.  “When Ron Wolfe first showed me his short story, Knights of the Living Dead I immediately loved it.” said Dustin Higgins, who is no stranger to stories featuring the undead as the co-creator and illustrator of SLG’s Pinocchio Vampire Slayer “Ron continues to surprise me with his stories that seem to pull at you like quicksand.”

Wolfe crafted his monsters to beyond the surface frights and steeped them in a central message.  In Knights of the Living Dead the message might be that, if you’re waiting for someone else to come along and save the day – don’t. Zombies aren’t after us: Zombies are in charge of us.”

Knights of the Living Dead is being serialized digitally as part of SLG Publishing’s digital first initiative and Wolfe, a newspaper writer by trade, supports the idea of making initial inroads through digital distribution “SLG’s digital-release plan makes sense. It extends the market with the latest technology to reach the newest generation of readers.”

As the artist of the series Higgins sees other advantages to digital “Knights of the Living Dead is my first attempt at drawing an entire book digitally. So when people purchase the book to read on their computer, or iPad or other device of choice they are, in a sense, looking at the originals… as much as they exist.” he also went on to point out the potential benefit to consumers “You get the story at a much cheaper price than you would the print version and if you decide the story is awesome enough you’d like to have a physical copy, you can still get that at some point”.

Knights of the Living Dead is currently available at the SLG Publishing digital store in three formats ePub, .cbz and .pdf (www.slgcomic.com/eyemelt) as well as at the iTunes store and will be coming soon to Comixology, iVerse and Graphicly for sale through those readers as well as to BN.com for Nook and Nook Color. Issue #1 is a free download, each subsequent issue will be 99¢.

Will you be reading Knights of the Living Dead?