True Blood
Season 6, Episode 3
Episode Title: You’re No Good

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

After Bill’s visions of the future with the vampires burning, he is more determined than ever to save his race and Jessica.  He swears to her he will save her.  He also thinks since it was sunny in his ‘meeting’ with Lilith that he can now walk in the sun.  Jessica tries to talk him out of it, but he is determined.  Jessica watches from the window and sees Bill go up in flames as the sun rises.  Bill runs in and Jessica smothers the flames with a rug.

Later, Bill sends Jessica to pick up a professor that had a hand in the creation of True Blood.  He then goes to visit Sookie to convince her for some of her blood to get it synthesized as he believes it’s the key to saving all vampires.  She refuses.  After he comes into her home, without an invitation and tries to force her he eventually leaves after stating she is now dead to him.

eric-willow-true-blood-season-6Eric kidnaps the governor’s daughter, Willa.  He swings by Fangtasia and picks up Pam and Tara, who are against taking Willa with them.  Willa tells Eric about the vampire camp her father has created, but she doesn’t know where it’s located.  They then head to Ginger’s place for the night.  Eric stays in the coffin with Willa as he’s afraid Tara or Pam would kill her otherwise.  Willa wakes Eric up to talk, telling him that her mother had an affair with a vampire and left with the vampire who owns a bar in Hollywood.  When Eric’s ear starts bleeding she runs her fingers through it and tries to lick it off her fingers, but he stops her and licks it off for her.

Then, Ginger answers Eric’s phone and it’s the governor.  Ginger knocks on the coffin and gives it to Eric.  Eric’s phone is untraceable, but he hears when the governor’s men get a lock on his location.  Tara has taken off with Willa.  Eric glamours Ginger to stay on the phone with the governor and to stall, but when they arrive to claim she hasn’t seen them.

Steve Newlin is taken to the vampire camp, where he discovers his wife, Sarah is involved, sticking to the Fellowship of the Sun’s initial mission; to end the vampires.

Holly shows up at the police station asking Andy if they were going to enforce the vampire curfew; she has vampires scratching on her windows every night.  His daughters, who have grown even more, think it’s funny that Holly is yelling at Andy.  Andy then takes Holly to the fort Terry and he frequented when they were younger, their safe place, and he teaches her to shoot a gun.

steve-newlin-true-blood-season-6The vampire rights activists go to the werewolves to try to capture footage of them.  Sam uses the distraction to get Emma.  But when he sees Nicole injured he goes to help her, despite Emma’s protests.

Warlow shows up at Sookie’s house, Niall tries to catch him, but doesn’t.  He then goes looking for him.  He goes to the fairy club to find that they have been attacked.  He finds Ben and enlists him to help him fight Warlow to protect Sookie.  The two go back to Sookie’s, where Ben again upsets Sookie by reading her thoughts.  She wonders why she can feel when Ben is in her head, but not others.

Andy sees Bill out past curfew and is about to take him in, but Bill manages to get out of it, possibly by some new power?

Overall I found this episode to be a bit underwhelming, nothing all that exciting really happens.  But it’s definitely not the worst episode I’ve seen in the history of True Blood, but is the dullest so far in this early season.