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SHIVER by Maggie Stiefvater
Chapters 24-26

Grace and Sam are comfortable on a Saturday morning, she working on homework, he reading a book.  They decide to go to Beck’s house to see if there are any signs of life.  Grace locks the keys in the Bronco.  As they head into the woods, Grace is concerned about what might happen if they run into Jack.  Sam tugs her farther into the woods and they come to an area of the woods that Grace recognizes from dreams she has had.  She has never been to this part of the woods and doesn’t understand how she would know exactly what it looks like.  Sam thinks she knows because she has wolf in her since she was bitten and he told through his thoughts when he was in his wolf form.

Sam and Grace hurry back towards the house as it’s getting cold out.  While they walk Sam remembers the first time he saw Beck shift and the first time his own mother saw him shift.  As they make it back to the house and Bronco, they realize the keys are still locked in the car and they have to get inside the house to warm Sam up.  Sam is really cold and begins to feel as if he’s going to shift while Grace runs through the house trying to find a way to warm him up.  Grace shoves Sam in the bathtub even though Sam begs her not to do that to him.  When she is pulling him from the tub and wrapping him in warm towels, he tells her that the one thing they get to keep when they shift is their eyes.

Grace rummages through the kitchen trying to find food to heat up as she remembers the events of the afternoon leading up to her having to shove Sam in the tub.  She is terrified that he almost shifted and horrified that she had to put him in the tub, bringing up the memories of his parents.  Grace finds milk in the fridge that isn’t very old, which means someone has been in the house recently.  She brings soup out to Sam and as they eat they talk about the way wolves communicate.  Grace looks at photos of the wolves as humans and Sam tells her more about Shelby.  They stand talking for awhile and Grace convinces Sam to come back to her house with her.

Memorable Quotes

“All I cared about was showing you how to get home.”

Questions for consideration:

Where do you think Grace and Sam’s relationship is going?

Do you think Sam will be able to hold off shifting for much longer?

What do you think the milk in the refrigerator means?

How do you think Grace feels learning about Shelby and finding out she is the white wolf?

Why do you think Sam is so hesitant with Grace?

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