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SHIVER by Maggie Stiefvater
Chapters 11-13: Sam and Grace

Sam and the rest of the wolves run for their lives. Some of them fall to the gunshots. Sam and Paul realize they’re being herded towards the lake, where they’ll be cornered. Everyone keeps running, but Sam stops.

At the same time, Grace is crashing through the woods trying to get to the hunters. She finally catches one and has to catch her breath before she can speak. She tells him they have to stop, she has a friend inside. He moves to radio the others, just as another shot rings out and Grace tastes blood. She moves her hand to her lips, but there’s nothing there. The hunters stop shooting.

Officer Koenig catches up with her and escorts her home. When she reaches her porch, she hears gasping. She can smell her wolf, and when the motion sensor light kicks on, there is a boy leaning against the glass door, bleeding. She knows its her wolf and rushes him inside. She tries to stop the bleeding and asks his name. He tells her and begs her not to let him change back. Grace tells him she’s driving him to the hospital.

Memorable Quotes:

“We slid before them, ghosts in the woods, and we fell, whether or not we fought” (55)

“My stomach squeezed with nerves, not from what he said, but the voice that said it. It was him. Human words, not a howl, but the timbre was the same. It was him”. (61)

“A shattered spider’s web of many colors, cracked in ice, immeasurably sad. ‘Sam,’ the girl said. ‘Sam.’ She was past present future. I wanted to answer, but I was broken.” (63)

Questions for consideration:

Why did Sam stop running when the rest of the pack continued?

Why do you think Grace feels it when one of the wolves is shot?

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