Entertainment Weekly’s vampire cover last week was devoted to the men who populate our nightmarish fantasies. And Online readers were asked to rank their favorites.

To no one’s surprise Robert Pattinson took 49%. More interesting was the breakdown between “True Blood”’s top contenders: Team Eric scored 19%. Team Bill? A measly 6%. The masses have spoken: Team Bill, well, sucks.

Bill (Stephen Moyer) spends much time moping around or wallowing in the past. Even Sookie looked at him expectantly, waiting to see what he will do to Steve Newlin. And he did… nothing. Darn it Bill, you haven’t done one remotely useful thing this season. Eric (Alexander Skarsgård), on the other hand, isn’t content to sit around. He’s a doer, a go-getter, a Swedish Ivy-Leaguer overachiever. Eric’s all business and his quiet authority is infinitely more powerful than Bill’s temper tantrums.

Move over Bill! Let Eric carry the rest of the season.

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What Team are you on – Eric or Bill? And do you agree that Eric Northman is a welcome beam of Viking sunshine with impossibly broad shoulders?