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At first glance, Iron Man might seem like an odd fit in Marvel’s burgeoning “Noir” line. The tech-savvy superhero is a more futuristic warrior than the defining characters of the noir genre. But if you look past the armor and get inside the man – Tony Stark – you’ll see a daring and driven man who’s not satisfied when he’s not pushing himself and his world to its limits.

In the upcoming four issue series Iron Man: Noir, Iron Man is reset in the year 1938 as a daring adventurer that’s less William Gibson and more Indiana Jones. He’s a traveler, using his mind, wits – and sizable fortune acquired in the thriving iron industry – to seek out legendary sites as the Fountain of Youth and the Gardens of Babylon; consider him both an explorer and a playboy. But he’s got a secret that’s driving him – one that is but one of many innovative twists writer Scott Snyder has taken in repurposing Tony Stark for the noir age.

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