Are you MMORPG? So you’d love to hear that the world most famous online-RPG (that are also books) ‘Wold of WarCraft’ will become a movie. And Sam Raimi will be the director.

Sam Raimi is a great choice! This guy is going to make one hell of an awesome ‘World of WarCraft’ film, I don’t care what anyone says! After seeing ‘Drag Me To Hell’, he proves that he still has what it takes to make a freakin great film. This is going to have one hell of a big ass budget, and it is going to be epically incredible.

And the 2nd good news – Blizzard has teamed up to release ‘World of WarCraft: The Magazine’ to an international market.

The first issue will premier at Blizzcon 2009 and will feature 148 pages of WoWness. The magazine will feature high resolution artwork, strategic maps, and a full range of articles about the history of the World Of Warcraft.


I love WoW and I am so excited to hear that news. And I guess the new Magazine will be a huge success for both Blizzard.

Are you also MMORPG and hooked on elves, dwarfs, draenei, orcs, trolls, …? Do you think Sam Raimi is a good choise for the movie and need online-gamer really a magazine?