5 star rating
Witches In Red
The Mist- Torn Witches, Book #2
By Barb Hendee
ISBN# 9780451414168
Author’s Website:  http://www.nobledead.org/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Jesse J.

witches-in-red-mist-torn-witches-barb-hendeeCeline and Amelie are as different as they can be. One is blonde while the other is brunette; one is an introvert and the other an extrovert. Best off all, one can see into the past while the other sees the future.

While living under the safety of Prince Anton a problem has arisen in one of the Kings Gypsy mining camps. The soldiers are mysteriously becoming terrifying beasts, murdering anyone in sight. Due to living in fear, accompanied with other conditions, the Gypsies are unable to work. Silver production has stopped which is unacceptable. The King gives the task of solving his problem to Anton, who cannot disappoint his father. The King hesitantly sends Celine and Amelie to use their powers to end this terrifying nightmare.

Although this was a mystery, there was some romance as well. Anton and Celine seemed to have some kind of underlying relationship. I am excited to read the next book and see if they fall in love. Throughout the story Amelie and Jaromir, Anton’s friend and warrior, also have a hidden tension between them.  There were some stolen kisses and a need to please.  The whole book I was expecting some large gesture of love, but Hendee stayed on point.

I enjoyed the author’s use of everyone in the story; Hendee fully developed each character, most to my liking, yet somehow made more than one suspect. Usually it is somewhat obvious who the culprit is, in this case, I didn’t find out until it was blatantly stated. I was surprised, but it still made sense. I also really liked that the author had a skeptic, Keegan, in the story. Even though this takes place in a different time, our society’s norms kick in while reading. It was refreshing to see Hendee own up to the idea of a “fortune teller”.

I found Witches In Red to be a great page turner, it was very well written. The book has a great plot. As I said earlier, the sisters are extremely different, but I could relate to each. Celine likes to entertain and mingle much like myself. Amelie is very protective and independent, which is how I like to view myself.

Throughout reading the book, I kept thinking to myself, which power would I like more? To see into the past or what was to come? For the most part, Celine uses her power to see the future more than Amelie uses her gift. While it would be nice to have any sort of ability, Hendee changed my mind by introducing the more unpleasant aspects of such gifts. Seeing things from someone’s’ past would horrify any human being. Knowing you cannot alter it can easily drive you crazy. On the other hand, the pressure of seeing into the future in which you can only try to alter the outcome, is difficult as well.

This brings us to my least favorite part of the story: a young beautiful Gyspy woman name Mariah.  It was the climax that also really made the book quite interesting by introducing vengeance. I would love to say more but don’t want to spoil it!  I would, and actually already have, recommended this book to a friend.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*