Chapters 13-17 By Dawn

Chapter 13-

Laurel checks her back and all that can be seen is a small white scar/line. She thinks about being a faerie and realizes she must talk to Tamani.
She asks David to cover for her and she heads out to her family’s home Orick on her bike.

She calls to Tamani and he comes out dressed in armor because they’re on high alert. Laurel and Tamani discuss why Laurel’s petals fell off last night. Tamani reveals that Laurel has the ability to do magic because she is a fall faerie. Fall faeries are the 2nd most powerful below Winter faeries.
Fall faeries make things, like potions and elixirs.

Tamani reveals he is a Spring faerie, the lowest on the rung.

Chapter 14

Tamani has the ability to entice and he can give others a memory elixir so they forget. He also explains to Laurel and pollinating and sex. (lol).
They discuss that Laurel is a scion, taken from their world and put into the human world for her safety. It is revealed that Laurel was actually 7 when they put her with her parents, not 3 as she always thought. And an elixir was used on Laurel so she would forget.

Tamani goes on to explain that the property must stay in the possession of someone who understands the faerie world. The faeries have been making, anyone interested in the property, forget. But an offer has been made and her mother is ready to sell. Tamani tells Laurel that she must stop the sale some how, whatever it takes.

Tamani’s deep feelings for Laurel are very evident in this chapter.

Chapter 15

Laurel heads home and tries to talk her mom out of selling the house. Her mom agrees to think about it for a week.

Laurel goes to David’s house to hang out and they decide to experiment with some things. They do mouth to mouth to see if Laurel exhales pure oxygen. It works, she does exhale oxygen.

David clearly wants to be her boyfriend. He tells her she tastes like honey.

Chelsea calls and wants to go to the lighthouse with Laurel. Before she leaves, her mom mentions that her dad is ill.

Once at the lighthouse Chelsea wants to know what’s up with Laurel and David. It’s clear that Chelsea has liked David for a while, but she’s happy that he and Laurel are dating.

Laurel returns home and finds that her father is getting worse.



If you learned that you were a faerie, what questions would you have?

Why do you think that Tamani shows such caring for Laurel?

Do you think Laurel’s experiment was aimed at getting to kiss David?

After rarely being ill in his life, what do you think is going on with Laurel’s dad?