Chapters 21-24 by Katlyn

David and Tamani awkwardly met in the car, and Tamani explained the situation with the trolls. He explained the background of trolls and how some of them are still surviving due to their acclimation into the human world. Tamani told Laurel she was lucky that other scents masked her ‘non-scent’ when she previously met Barnes or else she would have already been dead. When were closer to the house Tamani told David to stay in the car while Laurel came with him only after promising she wouldn’t try to help him.

Laurel and Tamani left David in the car with instructions on what to do in case they do not come back. Tamani armed Laurel and they walked together to the house. Tamani told Laurel to stay where she was and then he went inside and killed two of the trolls. Laurel had to suppress her gag reflex and was startled when Tamani returned to her. As they crept around inside the house they came upon Bess with one of Tamani’s darts in her, he told Laurel she would be dead very shortly. As a sentry he promised to never leave a hostile troll alive. They went upstairs and found Barnes. Tamani had Laurel wait outside the door as Tamani shot another dart. Barnes’ head went down on the table and Tamani went into the room to finish the job. Barnes, who was faking, chased after Tamani until he caught him. Barnes grabbed his gun, pointed, and pulled the trigger.

Barnes shot twice into Tamani’s thighs and Tamani shot Laurel a fast look telling her not to help him. Laurel made up her mind that she would rather die with Tamani than leave him, so she went towards the gun Barnes left on the desk. She backed Barnes away from Tamani and Barnes figured out what she was. Laurel shot at Barnes to keep him at bay but before the second shot he lunged at her. She shot him in the shoulder and dropped the fun out of fear. Tamani grabbed the gun but missed another shot as Barnes lept through the window. Laurel held onto the injured Tamani as David raced upstairs to help. Laurel grabbed all the paperwork on the desk relating to her mother and her and David helped Tamani to the car. When they got back to the woods Shar came out to help Tamani and Laurel, David was not allowed any further. Laurel promised him she would return. In the woods, more sentry’s appeared and a door opened out of a tree. Laurel recognized it as the entrance to Avalon, she used all her strength not to walk through those gates. Jamison came out and told the others to return Tamani to Avalon to be healed. Jamison took Laurel away from the entrance and asked her to explain what happened with the trolls. After her explanation she told him her concerns for Barnes harming her family. Jamison appointed her protector of her family, gave her an elixir to heal her father, and an exceptional diamond to pay for any costs that her family may need so that they put the property in Laurel’s name as soon as possible.


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“Laurel and me”—he stroked her neck as he said it—“we’re exactly symmetrical. If you could bend us in half, every part would match precisely. That’s why Laurel looks so much like one of your fashion models. Symmetry.”

“Tamani?” she asked, even though she knew this was the wrong time. “How is a plant supposed to beat a superstrong troll?”
For once Tamani did not grin. His face was stony and his eyes hooded. “Stealth,” he replied softly. “Stealth and speed. It’s the only advantage I have.”

“Look at you. You’re just a boy. A baby. Are you even of age to be a sentry?”
“I’m old enough,” Tamani rasped, glaring at the troll with hard eyes.

Barnes pointed his gun again, and this time Tamani couldn’t hold back a cry of agony as a bullet ripped through his other thigh. Laurel’s whole body trembled as Tamani’s scream seemed to invade every organized, symmetrical cell in her body, throwing them into chaos.

“I knew what I was getting into when I signed up.” He shrugged. “Well, I guess I didn’t know everything, but I knew you were different. From the first time I saw you, I knew there was something…something special about you.” He grinned. “And I was right.”

Do you think Tamani has a chance against Barnes alone? Do you think Laurel will not be true to her word and help Tamani anyways?

Do you find it hard to side with Tamani with his less than human emotions? (i.e. thinking Laurel can just leave him if he is hurt)

How do you think Laurel’s family will deal with the new information about her being a faerie and giving them the elixir and diamond?

Do you think Laurel will have a tough time dealing with her feelings for David when she sees Tamani again?

How do you think Laurel’s parents will handle her not being fully human?