4 star rating

Wild Embrace

Psy-Changeling, Book #15.5

By Nalini Singh

ISBN# 9781101989715

Author’s Website:  http://nalinisingh.com/

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wild-embrace-psy-changeling-nalini-singhThis is a collection of four Psy-Changeling short stories that take place throughout the story arc of the series.  I’ll go into detail on each story below.


Echo of Silence

Tazia left home against her family’s wishes to be an engineer on the deep sea station, Alaris.  It’s been years since she’s talked to her family.  She’d had hope that they would contact her after she sent letters and money to them, but they never did, making it clear they want nothing to do with her.  But yet every month she looks forward to the mail drop in the hopes that something from them will finally arrive.  That is until her Psy commander, Stefan, bursts her bubble about waiting for a package that will never arrive, taking all hope from her.

Every person that works at Alaris is required to take a month off on the surface every 4-5 months for their psychological welfare.  It’s a time that Tazia always dreads as she doesn’t have family to go see like the others do.  It’s that time again.  But this time Stefan is along for the ride.  He’s headed to a town that has been devastated by a major earthquake.  He’s going to use his TK abilities to help search for survivors and help them clean-up.  And, he offers to take Tazia with him, which she gladly accepts!

It’s a mission of a lifetime, but one that brings about unpleasant memories for both of them.  But the experience brings the two of them closer than they’ve ever been and even threatens any semblance of silence that Stefan has left.

I’ll be honest I really wasn’t expecting to like this one.  The Psy relationships tend to bore me.  But this one wasn’t too bad.  I found the story engaging.  It helped that Stefan wasn’t as Silent as he appeared to be on the outside.  And once off on their own he was quick to break through his shields and discover what the world and Tazia had to offer.

I found Tazia and Stefan’s relationship to be rather rushed at the end of this story.  One statement from Stefan and suddenly they are in a mad dash to be together forever.  Overall, it was still a decent story.



This is a closer look at Dorian, who was a latent changeling, never being able to shift into his leopard form until his mate performed some therapy on him that cured him!  You can read more about him in Hostage to Pleasure.

This was a really short story, but was very sweet.  It had snippets of Dorian’s life from a kid, to a teen, and then to adulthood when he finally was able to shift.  I felt for him when he was younger and couldn’t call his cat, being teased for it, and even being beat up from the inside from his frustrated leopard that couldn’t get out.  But nothing compares to how things changed for him once he was able to shift.  I loved how his pack reacted all coming together to play with him!  I really enjoyed this story and wished it was longer, to be honest!

4 star

Partners in Persuasion

Felix is a submissive wolf changeling and one of the dominant leopard changelings, Dezi, has made her interest clear.  Felix can’t deny the attraction, but he’s been burned by a dominant in the past and is scared to get hurt again.  He’s ready to settle down and start a family, and he doesn’t think he could ever have anything serious with a dominant.  Despite both he and Dezi knowing it will never work, they just can’t seem to stay away from one another.

I love the changeling/changeling relationships!  There is really no surprise there.  Although I was a little concerned, I wouldn’t like a submissive male … I do like the cocky confident guys afterall!  But I did end up really enjoying Felix.

Singh always does such a good job of showing us the changelings, human and animal so well blended that I don’t normally give much thought to their animal part of themselves.  But this story really made us look at it.  Felix was ready to throw caution to the wind, but his wolf was scared.   Both Felix and Dezi had to work to alleviate his fears.  And it was great once his wolf realized he was safe.

This short story really read like a full-length novel and I really enjoyed it.  I wouldn’t mind seeing more of this couple.



Flirtation of Fate

Kenji and Garnet were great friends growing up.  As they got older, attraction simmered.  That is until Garnet’s 21st birthday when Kenji stood her up.  She has no idea why the usually kind-hearted wolf would hurt her so badly, but she’s never forgiven him.  It’s been seven ears, each now in charge of their own SnowDancer territory.  But now Kenji has come to her territory on business.  But shortly after his arrival a murder takes place in the pack and they must figure out what happened or an innocent man could lose his life to pack law.

Kenji and Garnet work together through the investigation and both realize that their relationship isn’t as dead as they’d both like to believe.  But Kenji is still holding on to a secret and refuses to get close.  But Garnet vows she will know the truth about that horrible night before he leaves her den.

Ah!!  Nalini Singh, you slay me!  A second chance romance AND a changeling/changeling romance at that!  I’m such a sucker for both that it’s no surprise I gave this story five stars!

I loved Kenji and Garnet.  Kenji was such a sweet guy and so obviously in love with the girl he never thought he could have.  I figured out his big secret early on.  It’s the only thing that made sense.  The only conceivable reason I could come up with that he would leave Garnet so devastated.  But knowing the why of it all did not make the ride to the big reveal any less enjoyable.  I was hoping for one last surprise at the end of the book, but it didn’t come.  Maybe in the future??  One can hope anyway.

This was another short story that read like a full-length novel that I just wanted more of!

Overall Thoughts:

I’m not usually a fan of short stories, but this was a great collection of them and a nice treat for my changeling loving heart.  There really isn’t anything I would change about this collection.  I even loved the order the stories were presented to us.  It starts out good, but gets better with each tale, ending on an amazing note.  If you are a fan of the Psy-Changeling series, this is a book you won’t want to miss!

I really hope that Singh has more for us planned in the future!

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*