4 star rating
Wild Dream
Chiasson, Book #2
By Donna Grant
Author’s Website:  http://www.donnagrant.com/ 

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wild-dream-chiasson-donna-grantAva Ledet hasn’t been back to the bayou since her mom packed her up and left 14 years ago, shortly after Ava’s father left them to go hunting the supernaturals with the Chiasson family.  Now she’s back to hunt down her dad once and for all and to confront him for the wrongs he’s committed.  But while she’s there, she’s going to stay with her friend, Olivia, and meet her new man!  But if she had known that Olivia was involved with a Chiasson she never would have come.

The Chiasson boys are on high alert when they hear that their cousin, Kane, is headed to them during the full moon.  A Voodoo Priestess has cursed him to not know he’s part human when he shifts into a wolf, making him a killing machine.  It’s up to the Chiassons to intercept him and contain him until the full moon is past, and to keep both Kane and all the innocent bystanders safe.  But once Linc lays his eyes on Ava, that’s the only thing he wants to protect.

I always love me a good Donna Grant read!  And, it’s no secret that I’m not a big novella fan, but I must admit that I’m really enjoying this series of novellas!  It’s a quick fun romance that you can quickly finish in one sitting!

Ava is a powerful lawyer who is used to taking care of herself!  But her past still haunts her.  What can turn a loving family man like her father into someone who would just abandon those he claims to love?  She has an instant attraction to Linc, but can’t bear to suffer the same fate as her mother.

Linc.  What can I say?  He’s another charismatic male lead from the steamy mind of Donna Grant!  I loved everything about this guy!  Sexy, fun, and protective, a man who knows what he wants and goes for it.  What’s not to love?

This story, like the predecessor in the series, Wild Fever, did leave some loose ends open.  I’m hoping that we’ll see everything wrapped up nice and neat by the series end (not that I’m in any hurry to get to the end).  The length of these stories do limit how much can be resolved in each book, and I’m glad that they aren’t bogged down with pointless facts.  The romances are a bit rushed, but are still to the steamy quality that we expect from Donna Grant.  I just wish we could see more of these amazing couples!