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Wild Cat

Leopard People, Book #8

By Christine Feehan

Author’s Website: http://www.christinefeehan.com/

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Wild Cat starts with Siena Arnotto doing a favor for her grandfather. She is asked to deliver a wine to an old friend of the family, which is no other than Elijah Lospostos. Lately, she has been feeling flushed and hot from time to time, and on the day of the delivery the symptoms are worse than ever, but she has never let her grandfather down. Thinking that the cold breeze and car ride will help her with the rising heat was a mistake as she got closer to Elijah’s house. Believing that she could just leave the wine on the door and not talk to the man whom she has had a crush on for all of her life, doesn’t work when she sees him, waiting for her, shirtless in the door steps.

Their encounter leads to a steamy sex scene ending with an assassin trying to kill Elijah, and him thinking that Siena was part of the trap, calling her foul names. Once home, Siena gets beaten up by her grandfather’s right-hand when he smells Elijah on her. She confronts her grandfather regarding the assassination a temp and Paolo’s beating, only to be told about them being shapeshifters and her promise to marry Paolo. After she tells both of them that she will never marry Paolo and delivers an ultimatum to her grandfather about him deciding between Paolo and her, she leaves them to argue. Later that night she hears gunshots and finds her grandfather dead. Knowing that she is in danger from everybody in her house, she runs away to the only person that she knows that can help her, Jack Bannaconni. In one single day the lives of Siena and Elijah change drastically and now they must find a way to look past their last meeting to survive the assassins that are coming for them.

Wild Cat is the newest installment of the Leopard People series by author Christine Feehan. I wasn’t a big fan of Siena at first, but I was wrong. I like characters that don’t forgive so easily when they are hurt just because that person is their “soulmate” or “mate” in this case, and Siena wasn’t the exception. She explains to Elijah why she cannot forgive him so fast and how arrogant was of him to think that could happen. There is something that I like about Christine, she makes characters that are strong and that learn to balance each other with their love interest.

I like how both Elijah and Siena’s characters grow while getting to know each other. Elijah earned Siena’s trust, and she learned to have better judgment on people, as we see her distrusting Drake and Jack when she learns that they knew Elijah.

Like most of the books in the series, we see previous characters come back to help Elijah. It’s good to see that Emma has new friends, and how the lives of the others have improved since their own stories.

Another thing that I like about Feehan’s writing is that she adds new characters that we know later will have their own stories, but for the meantime she leaves the reader with questions regarding the history of these new characters, and with each new book the people around Elijah look more interesting.

The book has many funny scenes that will make the reader laugh and have good time while reader the story and also some leopard fighting scenes that everybody likes.

If you are a fan of Christine Feehan’s work or the Leopard people series, then I recommend you Wild Cat. Here a girl is saved by the crush of her life, while the world that she knew crumbles apart and he is the only thing that keeps her alive.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review*