Wicked Appetite

Lizzy & Diesel, Book #1

By Janet Evanovich

ISBN#  9780312652913

Author’s Website:  http://www.evanovich.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Elizabeth Tucker recently left New York to take over the house she inherited from her aunt.  She’s enjoying her job as cupcake maker at Dazzle’s Bakery.  Her life seems normal until two strange men come into her life.  Wulf who looks like a vampire and just feels evil and Diesel who says he’s there to protect her from Wulf.  Also, Diesel tells her that she is an Unmentionable and that she has the power to identify empowered objects.  He needs her help to find the seven stones that represent the seven deadly sins before Wulf gets his hands on them!  And, he’s not taking no for an answer!

Meanwhile, Lizzy’s friend and co-worker, Glo, has purchased a spell book and is getting into trouble as she tries the spells out!

Can Diesel and Lizzy find the three charms that will lead them to the stone for gluttony before Wulf gets his hands on them?  And, can they undo all the spells that Glo has messed up and set things to rights?

I wanted to like this book more than I did.  I find the seven deadly sins to be an interesting concept and I loved the movie Seven about them!  Brad Pitt didn’t hurt, of course!  However, this book came across as a bit dull for me.  Not to mention I was expecting more humor having read a few Stephanie Plum books!  Unfortunately, the book felt a bit one-dimensional to me.

I like Diesel, but I don’t love him.  I just feel like we didn’t really get to know him that much.  We really didn’t get to know much more about Lizzy either and we were in her head the whole book.  I didn’t understand why Lizzy gave in so easily to Glo with the cat and the monkey either!

I’m hoping this book is just suffering from being the first book in the series and that the next one will be better.