True Blood
Season 6, Episode 1
Episode Title: Who are you Really?

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

It’s June 16th; Father’s Day!  But for us Trubies the 16th means so much more!  The new season of True Blood is FINALLY upon us!  In fact, I’ve even dubbed today as ‘True Blood Day’.  And, with this shortened season 6, we must make the best of every episode!  So without further ado …. here is my recap of tonight’s episode, Who are you Really? for you reading pleasure!


jessica-sookie-who-are-you-reallySeason 6 starts off where season 5 left off.  Bill has just drunk the blood of Lilith and burst into a puddle of blood only to reform as a naked vampire, much like the visions of Lilith we saw throughout season 5.  Eric and Sookie stand on watching in horror and eventually make a run for it.  Sookie falls in a puddle of blood, to be helped out by Eric, but the duo quickly find themselves trapped in the elevator after Bill has pulled all the electric lines.  Sookie uses her light for Eric to see and he punches their way out.

Eric and Sookie grab a vehicle and pick up Jason, Nora, Pam, Jessica, & Tara.  While en route they hear the governor address the public declaring war on the vampires.  He imposes a curfew on all vampires that they have to be indoors or underground at sundown and also vows to close all vampire run businesses.  He encourages the public to buy guns and wooden bullets and declares they are taking their streets back.  Jason agrees with the mayor, which doesn’t go over well with the others in the car.

Eric ends up pulling over to have a chat with Nora, which Pam intercepts, not knowing who Nora even is.  He tells Pam to back him up and get out of his face.  He then has his talk with Nora where he learns that Jason knows more than he does, by knowing who Warlow is.  Nora informs him that he is in the blessed book and was Lilith’s protégé.  Nora then goes to talk to Jason to find out what he knows, which leads to Jason holding Nora at gunpoint and Eric barely able to restrain himself from killing Jason.  Sookie gets between Nora and Jason’s gun telling him he’s acting crazy.  He’s upset that she’s choosing the vamps over family and storms off.

Meanwhile, Jessica is upset over Bill.  Sookie tells her that she loves Bill also, but she saw him die and he isn’t Bill any longer. Then Bill summons Jessica.  Eric tries to stop her and she starts spewing blood and is in excruciating pain.  Sookie decides to take Jessica to him, but nobody is willing to accompany her, although Eric and Nora follow them shortly after.

eric-pam-True-Blood-Who-Are-You-Really-Season-6-PremiereSookie and Jessica arrive at Bill’s to find him looking completely normal.  Eric and Nora crash in and bill starts choking Eric who is trying to stake Bill.  Sookie stakes Bill from behind, only to have Bill pull it out, still very much alive.  He tells them that he wishes them no harm, but warns them that they will regret it if they try to hurt him again.  Sookie tells Bill if he means them no harm to prove it by leaving Jessica and all of them alone and leave Bon Temps.  Jessica gets upset at Sookie and demands everybody to leave, as she clearly chooses to stay by Bill’side.

Alicide and the wolves are celebrating his packmaster victory and the power appears to be going to his head.  One of the female packmates comes onto him and he starts making out with her when his kind of girlfriend shows up.  She kisses him and then the other girl and tells Alcide that she is top female bitch.

Jason hitchhikes and catches a ride with a strange old man, who was asking about Bon Temps, claiming he hasn’t been there in years.  It turns out to be Warlow, and Jason shoots him, he disappears and the car swerves out of control and Jason scrambles to get behind the wheel.

Eric walks Sookie home and writes a note in blood returning her house to her and promising to send the deed in the mail.  He tells her to stay away from Bill and she agrees.  He tells her he still sees the girl in the white dress that came into Fangtasia and she tells him she wants to be that girl again and that she wants her life back.  Then, she rescinds his invitation to her house.  They say goodbye through the closed door.

Nora sees what happens and quickly discovers that Sookie is Eric’s weakness; that he loves Sookie.  He refuses to allow Nora to use Sookie as bait to end Bill and they now need to find Bill’s weakness so they can end him.

Andy is overwhelmed by the needs of his multiple children and has left Arlene and Terry to deal with them.  Arlene chews him out and gets him to come inside where she and Terry show him the ropes of parenthood.  He crashes out on the couch to be awoken by his kids, now much older.

Luna and Sam are able to get Emma out of Steve Newlin’s clutches after Luna’s stint as skinwalking as Newlin, but the consequences are deadly.  With her dying breath she asks Sam to take Emma and protect her, to which he agrees.  He takes her to Merlott’s where he is met by an armed Lafayette.  He tells Lafayette that he didn’t see him or Emma tonight that Emma’s life depends on it.

Bill has a talk with Jessica telling her that he doesn’t know what he is now, but he needs her more than ever to keep him honest.  She goes to bed and Bill moseys downstairs.  Something calls his name and he follows it to be surrounded by images of Lilith that all jump inside him.

Overall thoughts:

As far as season premieres go, I thought this one was pretty good.  They touched base with most of the characters we know and love.  We got our hottie fix with Naked Alcide and a couple naked chicks for the guys watching.  Eric was also looking pretty hot, even with the blood all over his face.

I like the premise of the season being the humans fighting back instead of the witches and vampire politics of previous seasons.  So far, I like what I see and hope the season continues the way it has started!

I did roll my eyes when Sookie rescinded Eric’s invitation to her house…. As we all know it will only be until she needs him to save her again!