4 star rating
When We Met
By A.L. Jackson, Molly McAdams, Tiffany King, Christina Lee
ISBN# 9780451471925
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Some Spoilers


When four girls decide to live off campus together as juniors at a college in Michigan, they expect it to be their best year yet. Little do they know, it’s a year that will change the rest of their lives.
BEHIND HER EYES by A.L. Jackson 
Unable to live down her ex-boyfriend’s deception, Misha is determined to avoid betrayal. When, the new guy next door, Darryn starts to get under her skin, her defenses start to crumble. But trusting Darryn seems impossible, especially if he’s not sure he can trust himself.

SAVING ME by Molly McAdams 
On the outside, Indy is always ready for a party—but inside she’s breaking. Kier makes a weekly routine of saving the girl next door from herself on Saturday nights… but when will she be ready to remember him on Sunday morning?

FOULING OUT by Tiffany King 
Working at a sports bar, Courtney has become a pro at sidestepping propositions from arrogant jocks—which makes her a more elusive catch for campus basketball star Dalton than he expected. But when he falls for the saucy waitress, Dalton will have to rethink his game plan to prove he’s not the jerk Courtney expects.
In order to ace her fashion internship, Chloe must team up with local college dropout and set builder, Blake—much to her chagrin. But after some “hands-on” experience, Chloe will have to ask herself if Blake factors into her carefully laid plans…



Well, I must say it is all too frequently a story that has been experienced by many a young woman….Girl likes boy, boy humiliates girl, girl and boy breakup.  Hunter is the first young man that Misha has been with and she soon learns that not all men are honorable and with good intentions.  As a result of Hunter’s deceptive ways, Misha runs away from college and returns home.  As the next semester begins, Misha has returned to the house she shares with her three roommates to find a new young man has moved in next door to replace Hunter, who was asked to leave.  The new man, Darryn is a HUNK and Misha is in trouble :).  As Misha navigates these feeling for Darryn, she tries to overcome her feelings of being used by Hunter.     There is also a deeper layer of “life” to Misha which explains her reticence with people in addition to her choice in studies in university.

Darryn is “boy-man-god” to Misha.  He is a loving, sweet, hunky and most of all PATIENT man.  The only hitch is that he does indeed know what Hunter did to Misha and does not come clean with this information early on in their budding relationship.   When will people learn that secrets always lead to heartache?

This was an enjoyable read, well rounded story with likeable characters.

The prologue just about did me in.  Wow…How can Indy survive emotionally with all the “shit” she had to put up with that one fateful day?  Certainly explains her errant bebehavior.   And then as the story goes on…we learn even MORE about Indy and why she behaves in such a self-destructive manner.  Kier is her knight in shining armor.  Saving her from herself each week as she gets wasted, making sure she is safely tucked away in her own bed with the door locked so no one can take advantage of her.  As if Indy’s story isn’t heart wrenching enough, Kier’s story is also VERY heart wrenching.  I was left dumb struck as I was reading…my heart just crying out for ….well…guess you shall just have to read this emotionally charged short story to find out all the intricate life stories told.  I am amazed at how this short story moved me SO much emotionally and how jam packed with various story lines.

GREAT writing!!!!  A read you will not want to miss, in my humble opinion.


 A cute and enjoyable short story.  The depth of characters were not as full bodied as in Saving Me and  Behind Her Eyes. I found the premise rather shallow…boy ignores girl and girl ignores boy when they are 12…both get hurt feelings and then in young adulthood they re-connect.  While the story was well told, the depth lacking in this story definitely stood out when compared to the other short stories in this book.

The evolution of Chloe throughout the story was engaging.  It was good to see her out of her comfort zone and begin to take chances and not always take the safe, responsible, PLANNED way.  Life is meant to be experienced first-hand and not just going through the motions. I’m glad Blake was able to bring out the more adventurous side of Chloe.

Blake has had a tough go but it was nice to see that his inner gentleman was easily brought out by the right girl.  He has had to deal with a sick mother and virtually raise his little brother and it was refreshing to see him enjoy life as it should be for a young man.  It was good that Chloe brought out comfortableness in Blake so that he did have someone to share the burden with.

All in all, a good read with enough subplots to keep the story interesting.     

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