Whatever I am, You Made me

True Blood Season 5, Episode 3

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

This episode starts out with Tara running off through the woods and Sookie and Lafayette chasing after her.  Sookie goes to Pam to ask her to summon Tara so they can take her home.  Pam tells her that she kept her end of the bargain and made her and that Sookie hasn’t done anything for her.  She tells Sookie to get out of her bar before she drains her dry.  Pam prepares to go after her and Sookie launches a fire ball at her as she leaves.

Tara shows up outside of Sam’s asking him to help her and telling him that she’s hungry.  He takes her into Merlotte’s and feeds her case after case of True Blood.  He asks if he can call anybody for her and suggests calling Lafayette and Sookie.  She makes him promise not to call them.  He ends up putting her in the walk-in freezer for the day.  He lies to Sookie when she asks if he has seen Tara, but she finds out where she is by reading Sam’s mind.

When Tara wakes up Arlene, Sookie, Lafayette, Sam and Alcide are all outside of the walk-in and Tara shows her fangs and makes sure they all know that Lafayette and Sookie are the ones that turned her into a monster.  At the end of the episode, Tara breaks into a tanning salon and fries herself in a tanning bed.  Pam hears her screams and comments on Tara being a stupid bitch.

Debbie Pelt’s parents are in town trying to figure out what happened to Debbie.  They go to the police station and talk to Andy and then to Alcide.  They don’t believe Alcide when he tells them that Debbie’s back on V.  They tell him that her car was found on Hummingbird road (near Sookie’s).  Andy questions Sookie and then Alcide asks her as well.  She tells Alcide everything and he’s angry that she would let him look for Debbie and not tell him the truth.

Eric and Bill are put into harnesses with a stake over their hearts that can be activated by a phone app to kill them in order to keep them in line.  The chancellor Salome seduces both Eric and Bill and then Roman (man that girl really gets around).  Salome determines that the Authority can trust them.  Roman informs her that Nora confessed to being part of the Sanguine (spelling?) movement.  Eric and Bill ride in the elevator together and are met by an army of men.

Jason runs into a former teacher of his that taught him to have sex.  They go to her place afterwards (and she’s the crazy cat lady you always hear about) where she tells him what she did was wrong and he disagrees.  He has sex with her and then realizes she was right and leaves.  Jessica comes to Jason’s wanting sex after she smells a guy that smells amazing that flees.  Jason refuses to have sex with her and wants her to leave saying that he can’t even be friends with girls.  She said he already is friends with one and that she’ll change into his sweats and they will talk.

Reverand Steve Newlin has replaced Nan Flanigan as the Authority’s PR person.

Pam has more flashbacks including one where Bill and Lorena were draining one of her prostitutes in the brothel and Eric comes in and puts an end to it.  Eric and Pam have sex and she wants Eric to turn her, but he refuses.  She slashes her arms and tells him to let him walk eternity with him or watch her die.

Holly’s kids post a naked picture of Andy on facebook and he asks Holly to go steady with him.

Terry leaves to go off somewhere with Patrick and doesn’t change his mind when Arlene says she won’t be waiting for him.

I thought this episode was OK…not terrible, but not really great either.  I kind of do like everyone turning on Sookie.  In the books and in the show everybody was so gaga over her so it’s nice to see people standing up to her and not getting wrapped around her finger.

My favorite parts were probably the Alcide and Debbie Pelt storyline especially when he was yelling at Sookie and Pam’s flashbacks were pretty interesting as well.  The authority was still pretty boring to me as was the Jason feeling hollow after sex storyline.  The Tara storyline was OK, but not great.