In honor of Mother’s Day, some of the OBS staff decided to share memories of what their mother’s used to read to them. Happy Mother’s Day!

I never liked to read when I was younger, my mom tried everything she could think of. So she tried one of her favorites ‘The Giving Tree’ by Shel Silverstein. I started to show a little bit of interest in reading and made her go out and buy all of Silversteins books. My favorite ended up being ‘Where the Sidewalk Ends’. I would read the book over and over again, memorizing my favorite poems. I remember in 3rd grade my school did something for national reading day. My mom and me stayed up all night working on a poster for my favorite Shel Silverstein poem at the time ‘Hat’. To this day I can still sit down and recite at least 10 of my favorites with out having the book in front of me.

My mom took me to the library from a very young age. Remember those Pizza Hut mini pizzas you could win for reading a certain amount of books? I won oodles of those.

My favorite memory of books – I got into the Nancy Drew Series and my mom helped me track down every single book in that series. We went to yard sales, flea markets, book shops. She always made sure I had books to read even when I got into the cheesy Harlequin romances.

Every Saturday after my chores we went to the library and out to lunch together. My mom is responsible for how much I love to read.

My mom read me Maia: A Dinosaur Grows Up by Jack Horner a lot. That’s the first book I remember having read to me. I was two or three, and was (still am) obsessed with dinosaurs. Jack Horner is the paleontologist who discovered and named the Maiasaurus, and he wrote the book shortly after. The art work is beautiful and it’s such a sweet story.

She also read It Zwibble: The Star Touched Dinosaur, which was about dinosaur who saved all the other dinosaurs from going extinct with magic when he found their eggs.