We’ll Meet Again

Brought to you by OBS staff member Heidi

This episode picks up where the last one left off.  Tara is frying herself in the tanning booth and Pam shows up to turn it off.  Tara stubbornly turns it back on despite Pam telling her not to.  So Pam has to tell her “as her maker” not to do it again to get her to stop.

Pam takes Tara back to Fangtasia to find that he bar is closed.  Pam enters yelling at Ginger thinking she closed down early only to find Eric has returned along with Bill.  The happiness of the reunion is short lived when Eric accuses Pam of releasing Russell.  In anger, Pam tells Eric to release her if he doesn’t trust her.

 After some time, Eric comes back to her and explains that no matter what happens he’s a dead vampire and the best thing he can do for her is release her.  She reluctantly accepts and he releases her.  He also tells her that she is his child as he is Godric’s and that she was born into greatness and will continue to do great things now that she is a maker.

Pam wakes Tara up bringing a human with her and forces her to drink from the willing donor.  Pam tells her that she is now at the top of the food chain and no human will ever hurt her again.

Lafayette is upset that Sookie told Alcide about what happened to Debbie Pelt and calls her the Angel of Death.  His evil magic side comes out and attacks her car.  Later, when she’s driving she can’t control the car and ends up throwing herself out of it right before it crashes.  She then goes home and gets herself drunk.

Alcide visits the Pelts and tells them that he lied to them and that Debbie is dead.  But instead of implicating Sookie he tells them that Marcus killed her and that he in turn killed Marcus.  Debbie’s dad has trouble controlling his emotions and her mom tells Alcide to leave.  He then goes to Sookie’s to inform her of what happened and starts drinking with her.  They start making out.

Bill and Eric are looking for the person responsible for releasing Russell from the prison they put him in.  Eric finds Bill watching Sookie and Alcide after Jessica had voiced her concerns about Sookie.  Eric wants to leave to continue their search, but Bill insists that they could use Sookie and that they shouldn’t give her a choice to help or not.

Patrick and Terry are on the road on their way to check on a fellow soldier they served with.  Terry has a flashback of Iraq where they were all partying and the fellow soldier that they had put on watch duty shot and killed an Iraq citizen which led to gunfire and more deaths.  When they arrive at this person’s place they find he lives underground and he holds them at gunpoint.

Jason and Andy go to a party with the Judge and they are all unknowingly taken into Faery.  Andy sees the fairy girl that he had sex with last season and Jason sees his cousin, Hadley.  Hadley thinks that Sookie is dead and when she finds out she’s not tells Jason to bring her because the vampires will drain her just like they did Jason and Sookie’s parents.  Jason thinks that his parents drowned and tries to follow Hadley, but is stopped.  Andy tries to help Jason, but they are both thrown back into the real world and the episode ends with them both being blasted by a firely light coming from a couple of fairy males’ hands.

This is another episode that was just mediocre to me and I’m really starting to get disappointed with the season.  It’s leaving me wondering if it truly is time to put an end to the show.  I hope that the next episode and all the ones following prove me wrong though!!

To me the most interesting storyline was by far Alcide.  When he was talking to the Pelts, I knew he was going to blame Marcus for the murder, and why not?  The dead guy is the perfect scapegoat and then it gives you a valid reason for having killed him.  Then I also loved seeing him with drunk Sookie (and wasn’t that a sight?).  When I was reading the books I was always team Eric, but the more I watch the show I am definitely team Alcide….go Alcide go!!