Wake a Sleeping Tiger

Breeds, Book #22

By Lora Leigh

ISBN# 9781101612514

Author’s Website:  https://loraleigh.com/

Brought to you by OBS reviewer Heidi

Chelsea Martinez has about had it with people controlling her life.  If not her family, then it’s her boss.  She took this job to work beside Cullen, not to be a glorified office girl.  So, she does what she must do to find her happiness.  She puts in her resignation and finds a job elsewhere that can use her training and skills.

Chelsea finds herself at the right place and time to save the little girl the council coyotes have kidnapped and tortured.  Louisa is the daughter of the heads of a dangerous cartel.  The girl later passes from her injuries and Chelsea finds herself with a contract on her head.

And, once Chelsea is attacked Cullen (and his tiger within) can no longer sit still.  He must protect his mate at all costs.  People dismiss Cullen because of his recessed breed genetics.  However, those genes… are now coming to the fore and he may need every one of them and then some to keep Chelsea safe.

I thought this book had the potential to be really great.  I mean with a brother like, Gideon/Graeme that was fully involved and protective it had to be good right?  As it turned out, not so much.  I really wanted to like this story, but I found it to be quite … boring.

I quickly figured out, who was behind the attacks, on Chelsea.  And, nothing all that exciting really ensued.  Even the ending that was supposed to be the high point, fell kind of flat.  I will say though that Dog is really racking up the brownie points.  I can’t wait for his story…. Although at this point, it’s probably quite some time in the future…