Wait for Signs

Walt Longmire

By Craig Johnson

IBSN: 9780525427919

Author website: http://www.craigallenjohnson.com/


Wait for SignsBrought to you by OBS reviewer Kayt


Twelve Longmire short stories available for the first time in a single volume—featuring an introduction by Lou Diamond Phillips of A&E’s Longmire

Ten years ago, Craig Johnson wrote his first short story, the Hillerman Award–winning “Old Indian Trick.” This was one of the earliest appearances of the sheriff who would go on to star in Johnson’s bestselling, award-winning novels and the A&E hit series Longmire. Each Christmas Eve thereafter, fans rejoiced when Johnson sent out a new short story featuring an episode in Walt’s life that doesn’t appear in the novels; over the years, many have asked why they can’t buy the stories in book form.

Wait for Signs collects those beloved stories—and one entirely new story, “Petunia, Bandit Queen of the Bighorns”—for the very first time in a single volume, regular trade hardcover. With glimpses of Walt’s past from the incident in “Ministerial Aide,” when the sheriff is mistaken for a deity, to the hilarious “Messenger,” where the majority of the action takes place in a Port-A-Potty, Wait for Signs is a necessary addition to any Longmire fan’s shelf and a wonderful way to introduce new readers to the fictional world of Absaroka County, Wyoming.


If you are a fan of Craig Johnson’s Walt Longmire series of the Longmire TV drama series, you have to read Wait for Signs. I enjoy both and this was better than expected. Twelve Longmire short stories that allow the reader to see inside Sheriff Walt Longmire’s off duty time, some of his past and see some of the normal cast and crew as well. Several stories had me laughing out loud – think port-a-potty and an owl. Suspense, humor, wisdom and intrigue. A wonderful introduction by fan favorite Lou Diamond Phillips provides even more depth for the reader.

The stories in this small book (recently released in paperback) are a delightful assortment of mysteries, humor and Native American wit. One of my favorites is the first story and it sets the tone for all of them. Old Indian Trick (OIT) is superb. A finely spun web of intelligent and witty prose. It is a perfect example of Craig Johnson’s writing. No frilly long winded dialogue is needed to get his point across. Yes, there are mysteries and suspense, but also just wonderful stories that give us insight into the enigma that is Sheriff Walt Longmire. I feel I know more about Walt and his friends and coworkers now and that makes me very happy.

Wait for Signs is the perfect book to read on a cold snowy winter night sitting in front of the fire in a picturesque mountain cabin. Oh wait that is actually the sense reading this book gave me. With an economic use of words, Craig Johnson can spin a tale that penetrates the heart and mind. Walt Longmire is a character with so many layers. These stories help peel back a few of them and give the reader more comprehension of the man and his cohorts. If you have never read a Longmire book nor watched the TV series (which is comparably different from the books, but still fraught with intelligence and action), I think reading Wait for Signs may be the perfect introduction. Although you may not get the same enjoyment fans will, you will enjoy this book. If you are a fan you have to read this book. Take a trip to Absaroka County, Wyoming and you will not want to leave.

*OBS would like to thank the publisher for supplying a free copy of this title in exchange for an honest review as part of their ongoing blog tour*