Visions in Death
In Death, Book #19
By J.D. Robb
ISBN# 9780425203002
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Visions in Death is the 19th installment of Nora Robert’s futuristic In Death series written under the name J.D. Robb.

The summer of 2059 seems like it will never end.  While Eve and Roarke are on their way back home from an event in Chicago, Eve gets called to a case.  Elisa Maplewood had been brutally attacked, raped, and murdered in Central Park.  Then, she was placed on the rocks overlooking the lake, nude, with her hands posed to look as if she’s in prayer and then her killer surgically removed her eyes and took them with him.

The next morning, Eve is contacted by a sensitive, Celina Sanchez, who claims to have had a vision of the murder.  She tells Eve details that were never released to the media and Eve reluctantly believes her and even uses her as a consultant on the case, knowing that Elisa isn’t going to be the only victim.

Eve’s instincts are right and the bodies start adding up, but the case takes a completely different turn when the murderer changes pattern and attacks Peabody on her short walk from the subway to her apartment.  The killer is interrupted and Peabody is in the hospital in critical condition and  the whole police force wants to see this guy go down.

I thought this was a pretty good story, one of the better ones in the series so far.  I found the murders to be interesting and they definitely kept me wanting to read more.  I was surprised at the twist at the end, although I had suspected a second killer earlier in the book and dismissed it.

I loved Peabody and McNab in this one and just seeing how much he loved and worried about her after she was injured.  It was very sweet and they light the entire story with their great personalities.  I can’t wait to see more from them.

And Roarke’s great sarcasm is back!!  He and Eve always had a little sarcasm, but I found some of the books had lost a lot of that, but it was back in full force in this installment, and brought a light humor to the story that I loved!!

And of course we have Eve and Summerset’s usual banter…

“You’re earlier than expected, and appear to have gotten through the day without destroying any article of clothing. I must note this event down on my calendar.”

“Bitch when I’m late, bitch when I’m early. You could go pro on the bitching circuit.”

This was a good book that any murder mystery fan will adore.