From David Bentley at Coventry Telegraph

Would you like to hitchhike to Betelgeuse, stargaze from Vulcan (before it was destroyed in the new Star Trek film, as in the image on the right!) or explore the galaxies far, far away where the Star Wars saga began?


Sci-Fi-London teamed up with The Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London, for Sci-Fi Universe, in which the planetarium’s laser-powered show created a 360-degree IMAX-like experience flying past the planets of the Solar System and boldly going where no observatory has gone before.

For those of you who, like me, missed this special event, all is not lost. The Royal Observatory told me: “Although it was put together as a special one-off for the Sci-Fi-London, it has been mentioned that it may be developed further and run for other special sci-fi events.”

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I would love to see something like this! It would be so cool to see all of the big Sci-fi stuff together like that, especially since you never really see what the universe looks like in the different sci fi worlds.

Did anyone get the chance to see this? Would you go see it if it came to your area?