by Dr. Cole Abaius on

How badly do I hope this is all a clever publicity stunt so that Viggo Mortensen can begin a much-needed rapping career?

Apparently Mortensen gave an interview to Men’s Journal where he reiterated his stance on the draining, unhealthy nature of promoting the films he’s in and to claim that he’s done with acting at least in the short term. He also seems acutely aware that taking a break in Hollywood sometimes means that you don’t get to come back.

I have no plans to do another movie. I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’m open to seeing how I feel in a while, but right now I’m not saying yes to anything.

Josh Tyler raises the question of what this will mean for ‘The Hobbit’ since, presumably, Mortensen would be on board to reprise a role as Aragorn in one of the films. Should there be any concern here? I see no reason for it. The story on what those movies will be like has changed a lot and will continue to change as the production slowly moves forward in front of the cameras.

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It’d be sad if Viggo Mortenson really don’t want to make any more movies again – we’d loose a great actor. But it’s good for him – he can relax do what he want’s and live his life the way he wants to. I hope he’d make an exception for ‘The Hobbit’ films. He just IS Aragorn! What do you think of all this?